What Percentage Of Babies Fall Off The Bed

What happens if your baby falls off the bed and what should you do? Do you worry that your baby could sustain a brain injury if he falls off the bed while he is sleeping? Here are some important tips to help you deal with your baby’s fall from the bed. This is not a frightening experience for any parent.

Did you know that falls are responsible for more than half of all non-fatal injuries in children younger than 1? (source). My husband and I experienced it with our first child, and our twins. Although we were scared and worried, one thing we learned was to not panic.

To make rational decisions and recognize warning signs, you need to remain calm. Baby falling off the bed can cause time to slow down, and many things can go through your mind. I am here to answer any questions you may have and give you suggestions on what to do next.

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Questions about pediatrics babies falling off beds:

1.Can a baby fall and cause brain damage?

This question can be answered quickly with a simple answer: NO. Baby’s head not being broken by falling objects does not necessarily mean that he has suffered brain damage. Baby’s head protects his brain, even though it is delicate and sensitive. Brain damage can only be assessed if the fall directly impacts the brain.

2. Is it possible for a baby to sleep through a fall?

This is tricky because they usually don’t fall asleep immediately after a fall. Why? Because I was following my family and mom’s advice. The good news is:

Even if your child is not experiencing a bump right away, it’s worth keeping an eye on him for the next few days. You don’t have to stop your child from sleeping. A restorative nap can help after emotional traumas like a scary fall.

Do you want your baby learning self-soothe? You want him to be able to sleep alone and last longer throughout the night.

3. How can you tell if your baby has suffered a concussion.

These are the signs you should look for if your baby suffers from a concussion following a fall or hit to the head.

  1. Unstoppable
  2. Irritable
  3. Changes in eating habits
  4. Vomiting right after fall
  5. Head bump or bruise
  6. Is Lethargic
  7. Changes in sleeping habits (sleeps more or less than usual)

Mama, it is important to consult your pediatrician whenever you notice any changes in your baby. Follow your instincts mama.

Four ways to tell if your baby is OK after falling and hitting the head

1.Baby stops crying when comforted

2.Baby becomes active after a few seconds of fall

3. Your baby is “normal” acting (playing, laughing and being himself).

4. You can eat and sleep as normal.

Five things to do when your baby falls from the bed

1. Calm down first

First, a baby who falls from a changing table or bed and hits his head on the head should be calmed down. Before you make any decisions, it is important to calm down. Calming down and recouping will help your baby feel calm. This may seem like the worst situation, but it is not good for your baby or yourself if you cry, scream, or get in a panic.

You might consider getting an owlet smart socks. It is a great way to monitor baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels, as well as for parents. It is worth having peace of mind knowing that your baby is safe at night is priceless.

2. Contact your pediatrician

You should not be afraid to call the doctor if you feel too anxious or worried about your baby’s head. I recommend that you immediately call your baby’s physician. The doctor will give you the next steps. Your baby’s doctor will ask you several questions about the fall and how your baby is doing.

It’s best to be safe, especially if you are dealing with your baby getting out of bed. It’s scary. I know it because I have. So, I understand.

3. Know the warning signs (is it an urgent situation?

Let’s calm down and look at some warning signs to watch out for. These signs will help you determine if your baby requires emergency medical attention. These are some things to look out for when your baby falls on its head.

Watch out for warning signs after a baby falls

  • vomiting
  • seizure
  • Doesn’t sleep enough or too little
  • Head injury could cause serious pain
  • Bleeding on the head, nose and mouth
  • Irritating
  • Slow breathing, or abnormal breathing
  • Loss of consciousness

4. Be sure to monitor your baby

You should monitor your baby for at least two days after he or she falls asleep. Make sure that your baby doesn’t become dizzy or vomiting again. Talk to your baby and play with him. You should consult your pediatrician if you see any alarming changes in your baby.

5. You are not a bad parent

Your baby falling off the changing table, bed or stairs does not make you a bad parent. Although it may seem like it, guilt is normal. Know that falls do happen, and that you are not the only one who will have to deal with them.

It is frightening to hear the thud sound followed by uncontrollable crying from your baby. This is something parents do not want to have to go through. It happens. Take a deep breath, and when baby is safe and sound give yourself grace.

How to help a baby who falls from the bed

  • If baby is younger than one year old, first call the doctor. To ensure safety and provide peace of mind.
  • If the area is swollen or bleeding, Use a clean cloth or gauze to gently apply pressure to the area.
  • Comfort baby immediately by picking him up.

It is a frightening situation for parents when their baby falls from the bed. It is not usually dangerous for baby.

After a fall, make sure you call your baby’s doctor to get further information. To get immediate help, be aware of the signs to watch out for. These tips will help you know what to do if your baby falls asleep on her head.

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