Save Money with a Wind Mitigation Inspection In Florida

Florida Wind Mitigation Inspections for Homeowners: How to Save Money

You are getting ready to purchase your Florida home. You have saved for a down payment. You have been approved for a mortgage. You have found the perfect home and are ready to make an offer.

Apart from making an offer and getting the best price for the property, a good Realtor(r) is responsible for looking out to your best interests in negotiations, as well as saving you money wherever possible. You might forget about a wind mitigation inspection before you get too excited about all the fun. A wind mitigation inspection in Florida can be a daunting task if you are new to the area. Here are the facts.

What is a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

Even though Florida is beautiful, it’s in the middle of hurricane danger. Insurance companies and homeowners can suffer severe damage from windstorms, which can lead to thousands of dollars in damages. Wind mitigation inspections are now very common.

This inspection is unique and is designed to assess how protected your home against wind damage. This inspection is an addition to the usual home inspection that buyers require before buying a house. It’s mandatory if you plan to move to Florida or have property in Florida.

What is a wind mitigation inspection?

Wind mitigation inspections offer more benefits than you may think. Here are the benefits you can expect:

Save on Homeowner’s Insurance

You should have a wind mitigation inspection done before you purchase a house. This will also be helpful throughout your ownership. If you have a wind mitigation inspection, most insurance companies will offer savings of hundreds of dollars every year, provided that it meets certain criteria.

A wind mitigation inspection lasts for five years. A few hundred dollars will help you save $2,000. If your insurance takes $400 per annum off your policy, a wind mitigation inspection will cost only a few hundred. Our team has seen homeowners save as much as twice and even triple the amount.

Get More Information Before You Make a Purchase

Many potential home buyers believe that a traditional home inspection will provide all the information they need. Although we hate to give bad news, it is true. The checklist that inspectors use to inspect buildings is a standard, so windstorm preparedness doesn’t have to be added.

An inspection of wind mitigation gives you additional information that you can use to negotiate your final terms. You can also find out what kind of investment is required to make your house safer. It’s never a bad idea to have more information about the biggest purchase you will ever make.

Windstorm Protection Checklist

A wind mitigation inspection in orlando fl can be purchased to give you information about how safe your house is and the areas that are not.

Take One Step to More Insurance Savings

It is easy to save money by having a wind mitigation inspection filed with your insurance company. Did you know that Florida law requires insurance companies to offer discounts for windstorm protection upgrades?

This less-known law could save you thousands or hundreds of dollars in the long term. A thorough inspection will help you get there.

What do I need to know about a Florida Wind Mitigation Inspection?

Avoiding wind mitigation is one of your biggest mistakes in home inspections in Florida. It’s an easy extra step.

Florida home inspectors are trained in wind mitigation inspections. Both inspections can usually be done at the same time. Many inspectors will offer discounts for multiple inspections.

A wind mitigation inspection costs little considering all the savings that could be made. The average inspector charges between $80 to $125. The cost of an inspector will vary depending on the location, size and experience of the inspector, as well as other factors.

What can I expect during a wind mitigation inspection?

Wind mitigation inspections are not difficult. The inspector will review a list of preparedness measures.

Every opening in your home should be considered, including all doors and windows. How much wind resistance it can take will depend on the type of glass and material used.

Another important aspect of the inspection is your roof. The inspector will inspect the roof’s coating to determine how durable it is. The inspector will evaluate the roof’s structure and its resistance to wind. They will also inspect the roof deck, how it is attached to the house, and the connections between the roof and the walls. Sometimes inspectors will use blueprints to find this information.

Secondary water resistance is another important part of a wind mitigation inspection. This shows how protected your home against water damage if the roof fails.

How do I find a Wind Mitigation Inspector in my area?

You don’t need to do an extra inspection for your wind mitigation inspection. Look for an inspector who offers wind mitigation inspection when you are looking for an inspector to inspect your home.

Ask your agent for referrals to help you find reliable inspectors. The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors also has a database.

Get Informed about Your Home’s Windstorm Resistance

It’s exciting to buy a home, whether you are buying your first or fifth. It doesn’t matter what stage you are in, it is important to do your research and gather all the information that you need before jumping into anything.

A Florida wind mitigation inspection is a must-have for homeowners in the area. These tips will help you find the right information and save you money over time.

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