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The Kindle ReaderA Great Way to Access the Best Pregnancy BooksI hadn’t realised how fantastic the Kindle Reader is until someone bought me one as a gift. Now I don’t think I’d want to be without it.I suppose the first thing that I liked about the Kindle Reader was the compact size. It fits in a handbag or even a pocket so easily. When I discovered just how many books it would hold, I’d found a friend for life! I also realised how good it would be for reading pregnancy books, because you can download from a large number of E-books about pregnancy, childbirth, healthy eating and much, much more. Books can take up a lot of house room, so going digital is a great solution to lack of space…especially when you know that a new baby and all that baby equipment paraphernalia is going to be taking up a lot of it soon!I love reading, so a wireless reading device that I can squirrel away and which holds all my favourite reading material is heaven sent.

The next thing I love about it is the clear screen. It’s much better than a laptop screen and you can read it easily even in the brightest sunlight. Okay, so for someone who loves reading in the garden and on the beach…yay, more brownie points for the Kindle Reader!I also find that my husband tends to say that he’ll ‘just be a few minutes’ when he goes off to do something. Having my Kindle right there in my bag means I don’t spend the waiting time fuming! In fact, I’m often quite sorry when he’s back quite quickly!The reader comes in two models, one for those of us who have wireless broadband at home and are planning to use it there, or one which comes with its own wireless 3G connection, making it ideal for travelling.

It’s especially useful to have the 3G if you plan to use your Kindle abroad a lot, as you get free browsing and downloading there.The battery life on the first model (see the top link on the right column) is an amazing 4 weeks, while the 3G model lasts up to 3 weeks on one charge. This makes the Kindle a really great device to take on holiday. I take mine with me when I’m doing the school run or picking my partner up from the station and now the waiting is no longer a bore.It also comes with a handy protective wallet. You can get these in a range of colours, from black to green, to blue and even hot pink! Not many gadgets float my boat these days but I have to say, the Kindle is something I think will revolutionise our lives. Bring it on!

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