Dark Hot Chocolate Mix

Awhile ago, I was at a Christmas party at church, and I gave a jar of homemade hot chocolate mix to one of my friends. After that night, she asked for the recipe. Then she asked for it again. And then again. Then she suggested I blog about it. Well, it’s two years later, and she patiently suggested on facebook that I post the recipe for the 12 Days of Christmas. So, here it is. This recipe works best when you have powdered vanilla. It’s a bit difficult to find, but it is available online. King Arthur carries it, and so does Beanilla. I would suggest the latter, as it has the best prices.

But of course, you can always find it at amazon.

Oh, and one more thing—this is something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time—I have included a PDF label, which has instructions for making a cup of cocoa. Print it off and use it for gifts.

Dark Hot Chocolate Mix

This amount makes enough for 3 one cup jars. Double and triple as needed.

1 cup dark cocoa powder (Hershey’s Special Dark, or any other brand that is processed with alkali)
2 cups superfine, or granulated sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla powder (if you can find it; if not, add 1/8 teaspoon pure vanilla extract to each cup of hot chocolate)

1 4 ounce chocolate bar, very finely chopped (a serrated knife works well)

1. Combine all ingredients together and place in jars.

2. To make a cup of hot chocolate, heat 8 ounces of milk to almost boiling, add two tablespoons of mix. Whisk thoroughly until the chocolate bar pieces are melted.

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