5 Tips to Help Your Child Keep Their Room Neat and Clean

Imagining a clean house with nothing lying around when you have children in your house seems like you are dreaming. They think it is their duty to mess up everything the minute things seem to be in order. They are just being normal. It is the adults who have to put up with their behavior and help them in understanding the importance of organization and order. Start with being disciplined and organizing yourself to show the way. It is difficult but not impossible to achieve. Some days can be more difficult than others because it is not easy to instruct and guide them all the time. They also do not feel like listening to instructions all the time because it can overwhelm them. Here is a list of tips that will help your kids to have a neat and clean room.

  • The Storage Space Should Be Enough

You cannot expect any bedroom to be clean if the storage space is not enough. There has to be a minimum storage space present in any bedroom even if it is a child’s bedroom to hang and or store stuff. Neat and clean starts will clear out any stuff that is not its place. Provide them enough space for their books, toys, and clothes. A closet, skateboard holder, book racks are some of the things that can help your child’s room to be neat and clean. Declutter their things to sort out things that go unused. This will leave them ample space for the important stuff.

  • Make Some Strict Guidelines

They need to understand that rules have to be followed no matter what. Without rules they will not develop the habit of following a particular routine. They should also know that breaking rules comes with its consequences. If all this gets wired into their mind, they will definitely follow your guidelines. You just have to be stern about everything.

  • Offer Some Rewards for Their Good Deeds

This is the best way to make them do the job. Offering goodies in exchange for good deeds is the classical way of making children follow routines. When they get goodies after a good deed has been done, they understand that this is the right thing. Initially, it will be a prize for each good deed but later on will develop into a habit. This is an excellent process where the child can learn good habits organically.


  • Set an Example

If you expect a certain good habit to be developed in your child, you should set an example first. No habit gets developed so easily as the one that has been imitated. Imitation is the first school that every baby goes to and loves to follow and do what you do. So just start today and see how your child will follow you.


  • Never Let Them Go to Bed With the Toys Lying Around

Never ever let them go to sleep if the toys are lying around and have not been placed in their respective racks or baskets. They need to understand that they cannot just go to sleep without not taking care of their things.


Instilling a sense of responsibility from an early age helps in shaping good habits in children. Making them do something as a routine every day gives them a sense that it has to be done like that and cannot be missed. This puts them on an automatic mode and makes your and their life easy. Having a sense of routine is an excellent way to train any child. Knowing that they should be responsible for their rooms is going to set an example for the other child too. Starting with their room to take care of is an excellent start.

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