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The Best Baby StrollersBaby Stroller Reviews and RatingsDeciding which are the best baby strollers is best looked into before your baby is born. This is because, once a new baby arrives, most households become very busy and it can be hard to find the time to look for the best baby stroller to suit your requirements.Taking the time to do your homework and checking out baby stroller reviews can do a lot more than net you the best price. You want your baby to be safe and well-protected and you also want your baby stroller to fit in with your lifestyle. As I discovered the first time round, it’s horribly easy to make mistakes and end up with something that you hate – or that threatens to amputate fingers whenever you fold it up!The cheapest baby stroller may do the job fine…but you can’t be sure until you’ve checked it out.

Here is our quick Baby Stroller Checklist of questions you might want to ask yourself when choosing a product:1) How many children is the stroller for?If you have a toddler or twins, you may want to look at designs that cater for both, such as the Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogging Stroller, the Jeep Tandem Traveller Stroller or the Graco Twin IPO Stroller. Side by side strollers allow both children a better view but you can’t always see interactions between them – good or bad! On the other hand, if you live where there are narrow doorways or passageways, a tandem stroller may be your only choice.2) Will you be using a stroller for an infant?Newborns cannot support their own heads and so you might choose a multi-position reclining model such as the Graco LiteRider Stroller, which accepts the Graco Snugride and also the Safeseat infant car seats.

You may want to consider a type that allows the baby to face you, something that I highly recommend after using a front-facing pushchair for my eldest and a ‘mom-facing’ one for my next offspring. The eye contact, smiles, chat and reassurance afforded by the latter made me realise how much interaction my eldest had missed.3) How long are your legs? Who will be pushing the stroller most and how long is their stride? It’s very awkward and annoying if your shins keep bumping the frame, so if at all possible try out various models before you buy.4) Will you need to carry shopping or baby equipment on the stroller? Hanging bags off the handles is a no-no, as it can so easily tip the chair if left unattended for even a millisecond. Many models have shopping trays or storage bags as part of their design and the Safety 1st LiteWave Laguna Travel System even offers music system storage and headphone access.

This is a well-thought-out luxury model, with side-impact padding and many excellent features.5) Do you want a Jogging Stroller? You don’t have to be a fitness fanatic to go for one of these: they are great for any parents who like walking and will tackle parks and country lanes as well as give a smooth ride for your baby. Models such as the Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogging Stroller have detachable wheels for storage and can be paired with the Kiddopotamus Snuzzler Complete Head and Body Support, which can also be used to give newborns the right support in a car seat.6) Do you want a stroller that you can fold up one-handed? If you have to get on and off buses a lot or up and down stairs, a single-handed folder can be a huge advantage. The First Years Jet Stroller is hard to beat in this category as it is light yet durable, it offers multiple positions, a five-point harness setting, storage and long enough handles to suit taller parents well.Find the Best Baby Strollers.

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