6 Tips for a Better Experience with a Vape Bong

What’s a vape bong?

A bong can be described as a bong. Although you may have heard the term “vapebong”, it is mainly used to refer to glassware that attaches to a desktop vape pen or portable dry herb vaporizer.

Users of vape pen and cannabis bud can also vape marijuana through a bong. Are these unnecessary and excessive? Maybe. There are many benefits. These are some tips to make it as enjoyable as possible.

Select the right vape

A vaporizer with a water pipe adapter is the first thing you need. Sometimes called a WPA. They are sometimes included in vapes, such as the Boundless TERA. Most WPAs can be purchased separately. Every vape is unique. Each one has a different mouthpiece. Although some adapters might fit on multiple devices, there is no universal size for vape bongs. The adapter for the Airvape Legacy fits well on the Firefly 2+, too.

An attachment that is compatible with your whip, bag, or both will be required if you are using a desktop vape. Arizer ExtremeQ is a great example. It has an 18mm male connector that fits perfectly in an 18mm female joint. An adapter is needed to accommodate your bag’s slim mouthpiece if you prefer the bag method. This will require an additional adapter, which may not be the best choice. In order to be as efficient as possible, you will want to use as little as possible.

There are bong attachments for weed pens. They are typically made from silicone and can accommodate female joints of 10, 14, and 18 mm. They can accept both the flat and round mouthpieces found on cartridges.

Know the size of your connector/joint

After you have found the right water pipe attachment for your vape you will need a bong to match it. Common bong connections are the 14 mm male connections and the 18 mm female connectors. Although smaller bongs use 14mm joints, larger ones use 18mm joints. However, larger bongs may still use 14 mm joints and vice versa.

Some bongs may have a male connection of 14-18 mm, but this is mainly an older style dab rig. If you don’t have an adapter that can accommodate both male and female joints or you are willing to use an additional female-to-male adapter, you should avoid these.

Many water pipe adapters are tapered, which allows them to be compatible with larger joint sizes. Some 14mm bongs will not fit with all 14mm adapters. Others work better due to the nature and properties of glass. Although it might state that it has an 18-mm joint, it may still feel a little too tight or loose. For optimal performance, ensure that your bong has an airtight seal.

Make sure the adapter fits.

You should ensure that your bong can remove the vape easily before you start vaping. This is because vapor builds up in your bong. Some of the vapor can remain in the chamber even after you take a big puff. After you have finished your session, you can remove the vaporizer.

Vapers like to clean the chamber after every hit, as it feels more like traditional bong sessions. It’s important to ensure that the adapter fits snugly, but not too tight. The connection between the adapter and the vape should be as tight as possible.

You can choose a larger bong

Larger bongs are more heavy than smaller ones. A bong that is larger than the rest can be more stable. There are also other benefits. Your vape session will not be affected if your bong is too small. I have found that larger bongs with percolator style are more effective because they produce more visible bubbling action. Although smaller bongs can be carried around more easily, bigger bongs will provide a better experience. Who wants to carry around a bag full of bongs all day?

An additional tip when purchasing a bong to consider is where the adapter sits. Many bongs have the downstem at an awkward angle. This is especially problematic for portables. With whips, bags and vape pens you might be able get away with this. You’ll be better off getting a bong that looks more like a dab-rig than the traditional beaker-style. Because bongs for dabbing are stemless, there’s no need to worry about glass parts.

Don’t fill your bong too full

Before attaching your vape to it, fill your bong up with water. Take a deep inhale and let it out through the mouthpiece. If any water remains, pour it out and continue to inhale. Too much water could build up in your bong and cause damage to the adapter and vape. This could lead to damage to your flower, or worse, your device.

Before attaching anything to your bong, make sure you have the right water level. You can draw more tightly if you fill it up to its maximum, but less water will result in a looser draw. After several sessions you will be able to determine the best water volume for your setup. You can get very technical with a measuring cup but it is not required.

A good tip is to change the water in your bong at least once per day. This will not only ensure the best flavor but also prolong the life of your bong. Isopropyl alcohol or sea salt are good options for cleaning your bong. Grunge Off or Formula 420 are faster and more thorough than traditional methods.

Slow and steady is the key to success

Your bong should not tip over due to the weight of your vape. While you are not playing with fire, you should still be cautious. Don’t swing your bong too much. Water and electronics don’t mix. Don’t rush through your sessions.

Place everything on a flat surface. Be careful of delicate and small items. Even if your portable isn’t designed for vaping, you still have the possibility of dropping your bong or your vape. To prevent water from leaking out, hold your bong upright. Also, make sure it isn’t damp so it can be gripped securely without slipping. This can be prevented by holding the bong tightly in one hand and supporting the vape with the other.

Final thoughts

When you are looking for a new vaporizer to buy, make sure it has an attachment for water pipes. It’s best to get a universal adapter that can be used with multiple glass pieces. Most adapters will work with most common female sizes. Some adapters are more versatile, and can be used with smaller male joints.

The most important part is choosing the right gear. It might take some time to try out different bongs before you find the right one. Do you have any experience with vaping with a bong or vaporizers? Please share your thoughts and experiences below.

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