5 Unapparent Reasons Your Car Is Not Giving The Optimum Mileage

Every entity is sold with a set of instructions and promises. Automobiles are no different. They are manufactured keeping in view what needs to be delivered. Automobile manufacturers have a reputation to maintain. Fuel efficiency is one such aspect that is considered before buying the vehicle. Let’s face it fuel prices rarely go down and one cannot cope up with the ever increasing fuel prices. For this reason automobiles are purchased on the basis of the mileage they provide. 

Many times the vehicle is not working properly and the mileage gets affected. This can lead to more use of fuel and hence make mess with your finances. Here is a list of potential causes that are causing the use of more fuel and can be easily solved. If these are not the reasons you should go to the garage without wasting any more time.


An engine is the heart of any automobile. It uses fuel to generate mechanical energy that will propel the car into action. It is not necessary that the engine will stop working completely if it is damaged. It just means that some part of the engine is not working properly. Problematic spark plug, a fuel injector or a turbosmart boost controller could go awry and cause problems in the overall performance of the combustion cycle. The engine might seem to work smoothly but is not burning the fuel properly. This will definitely hamper the mileage of the vehicle.


Engine oils should be chosen and used in accordance with the grade recommended by the vehicle manufacturers. If the grade of the engine oil is higher than recommendation, the engine oil is thick. This causes the piston of the engine to move slowly which causes it to heat up, this means that the engine will have to consume more fuel to complete the combustion cycle that gives the vehicle the required momentum. If your vehicle is giving less mileage than what is usual please check the engine oil grading.


Contaminated fuel is a major problem faced by automobile owners. Everyone cannot own the gadgets to find the purity of fuel that is to be used for the vehicle. Hence, if you are facing a problem of lessened mileage with your vehicle, it is better to be wary about the contents that are pumped into your vehicle. Additives inside fuel can help in cleaning the buildup of residue inside the engine. These additives can sometimes be of low quality which could hamper the combustion process resulting in low fuel consumption and efficiency.


If you believe that the car air conditioning system works just like that you are utterly mistaken.

The air conditioning system takes power from the engine while it uses the fuel. If you are using too much air conditioning, the fuel is automatically consumed more. You also need to be careful about the ventilation inside the vehicle. Never keep the windows of the vehicle open, for this wastes the fuel into cooling or heating the interiors of a car. This can also be a major reason to look out for. 


All the auto parts in a vehicle are interdependent. This means that if any auto part is damaged the vehicle would not be able to function normally. Everything cannot be analysed and judged by an inexperienced, untrained person. Cars like all other entities need maintenance and any auto part if gone unchecked could pose a problem like hamper fuel efficiency.

It is not necessary that you will be able to catch the glitch right away everytime. There are experts to be taken into consideration if you are not able to access the situation.

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