5 LED Sign Mistakes That You Should Avoid

It is a no-brainer that LED signs are attractive and eye-catching. An LED sign fulfils the purpose, whether you want to attract new consumers or inform people about your business.

Solutions are becoming a more widely used tool for communicating with both employees and customers as hardware, software, and methods advance quickly.

In light of all of the above, the top five mistakes people make when deploying digital signage are listed below along with advice on how to avoid them.

Mistake #1: Substandard Colour Choice

There are various ways you could commit this simple mistake. Perhaps you want to stick to a certain colour scheme, but there isn’t enough contrast, resulting in a really attractive sign that is impossible to see from a distance.

Or perhaps you want to attract a lot of attention, so you use vivid, high-contrast colours, but the result appears as if it belongs outside of a junkyard for used cars. Always choose the best LED signs in Melbourne that should have just enough contrast to be visible and readable from the desired distance, but you don’t want to appear tacky or garish.

Mistake #2: Inappropriate Size

You should be cautious while choosing the size of your LED signs. Large signs shouldn’t often be an issue. However, if you hang something too large, you won’t have room for additional decorations like storefront signage and window graphics. Additionally, LED signs that are too small are a complete waste because they cannot be read or understood by the general public. Consult your signage business to determine the appropriate size of LED signs.

Mistake #3: No Contact Information

After seeing your sign, customers should know how to get to your business. It implies that your sign must have a way to get in touch with you, whether it be a phone number, a website, or all of the above. Take into account the fact that many passers-by who notice your sign will be driving by quickly. They will switch to a rival if they can’t find your company’s contact information easily.

Mistake #4: Unclear Messaging

It’s a wasted business opportunity if you’re not employing the appropriate language or topics to deliver your message simply and concisely. Using LED signs to draw attention to your company is entertaining and a little flashy. However, if you use too much colour or distracting effects, it will be challenging for onlookers to notice and comprehend. Use the appropriate colours while writing a message for your LED sign to get attention from passers-by. Additionally, make the message clear and simple to read. Be succinct, to the point, and simple to understand!

Mistake #5: Poor Visibility

Visibility is impacted by more than simply size. Countless things might affect how visible your outdoor company signage is. It’s important to check your location from your audience’s point of view rather than just from the view directly outside your door. To achieve this, visualise your location during various seasons and hours.

Don’t merely judge the location at noon in the cold and go on. In the spring, the same area might be covered in landscaping and foliage, while at night it might be in shadow. Regardless of your company hours or the current illumination in the area, it’s imperative to add sufficient night lighting. Even if your doors are locked, visitors will still remember the sign when you reopen.


These tips make it simple to optimise the impact of your LED signage. Make sure it is concise and reaches your target audience. You’ll be happier if you stay on top of potential errors before they arise because you’ll end up saving time and money.

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