3 Benefits of Bamboo Clothing and Products

Bamboo is a fast-growing grass and a miracle plant. It’s replacing wood and traditional fabric products every day. South, Southeast, and East Asian societies have used it for thousands of years.

As global society becomes more aware of climate change and the actions we need to take to combat its effects, the material is becoming popular worldwide.

Environmental sustainability is one of many benefits of bamboo. It seems like innovative product designers find new uses for bamboo every day.

A short article can’t do more than scratch the surface of everything bamboo can do for you. Jumpstart your education by taking a look at these reasons you should check out bamboo products.

1. Bamboo Clothing Is Comfortable and Durable 

One popular use for bamboo is as fabric for clothing. You can pick up everything ranging from neckties made of the grass to bamboo classic briefs. If you put bamboo clothes on and nobody told you the material, the chances are low that you could tell it apart from the fabrics you’re used to.

Textile companies weave the highest-quality bamboo fabric with a mechanical process. It doesn’t use harmful chemicals or create a large amount of waste. If the bamboo is grown using organic methods, you can consider the resulting fabric organic.

The other common type of bamboo fabric, a kind of viscose rayon, does require chemicals and comes with unwanted byproducts. Yet, the bamboo’s viscose production process isn’t more harmful than other viscose rayons. Both kinds of viscose are soft and silky but not ideal choices from an environmental perspective.

If you have to choose between viscose products made from bamboo and those made from wood, the bamboo option is still favorable from an environmental perspective. That’s because bamboo grows faster and captures more carbon dioxide per acre than trees can.

Mechanically-woven bamboo fabric, known as closed-loop rayon, is stronger than bamboo viscose is.

2. Towels Made of Bamboo Absorb and Dry Well

Whether you prefer fluffy cotton towels or the convenience of a paper towel, consider whether bamboo alternatives will do the trick. Towels made from bamboo are every bit as soft as cotton towels, sometimes softer. They’re also often more absorbent than cotton towels.

The best thing about bamboo towels may be that they’re resistant to bacterial growth. Wet cotton towels are a bacteria magnet as they hang to dry.

In an ideal world, you wouldn’t reuse fabric towels before at all before washing them. Yet, most people like fabric hand towels in their restrooms. It’s not practical in most cases to stock your bathroom with so many fabric towels that you can change them out between uses.

Bamboo fabric towels are a better choice for hand towels because they dry faster and have natural antibacterial properties. Bamboo’s antibacterial properties are strongest in its raw form, so make sure to wash them on a regular schedule to remain hygienic. Even so, bamboo’s properties make towels made of the grass a cleanlier choice than cotton towels.

If the idea of a somewhat-antimicrobial fabric made from bamboo doesn’t eliminate the ick factor of reusable towels, worry not. Bamboo paper towels are more sustainable than wood-based paper, so long as the plant is grown with responsible methods. It’s easier to stock your bathroom with a big roll or stack of paper towels than it is to provide dozens of fabric hand towels.

Those trying to cut down on waste from single-use paper can use bamboo paper towels with less guilt. Some bamboo paper towel makers assert their paper towels are sturdy enough to wash several times in a laundry machine before they’re unusable.

3. Bamboo Paper Poses an Alternative to Tree-Based Sheets

We consider trees a renewable resource because they grow back. However, at the rate that we use them, we’re getting rid of trees faster than they can grow back. Those concerned about environmental sustainability often look to replace non-recycled paper in their lives to the extent that they can.

As bamboo is a prime candidate to replace tree products like wood and paper towels, it is a quality replacement for tree-based paper made for tasks such as writing and drawing.

Bamboo grows much faster than trees, sometimes multiple feet in a single day. The plant can mature within a couple of years, compared to trees that take decades or centuries to grow to full size. Harvesting crops of bamboo doesn’t destroy age-old ecosystems like harvesting from forests does.

One thing to watch out for when buying bamboo paper, or any bamboo product, is sustainable growth. While bamboo undergoes rapid growth, farmers—including those that grow bamboo—sometimes destroy habitats, including forests, to start growing a crop. 

The good news is that bamboo is one of the least picky plants out there. Although it’ll take a long time to change the agriculture industry’s ways, nobody needs to destroy forests for usable soil. Bamboo enriches the soil, which can turn depleted earth into nutrient-filled farmland.

To take advantage of and profit from this amazing process, sustainable bamboo farmers plant their crops on used-up pieces of land. Before these farmers buy the plots, they’re used for and ruined by unsustainable farming techniques. If they decide to stop growing bamboo, they leave the land in better condition than when they came.

Another benefit of bamboo paper is that you can make it with less processing than tree pulp paper. It uses fewer chemicals than the wood-based paper process, making the product more environmentally-friendly.

Learn About the Benefits of Bamboo and More Interesting Facts

These benefits of bamboo are great reasons to invest in products made from the material. If you want to take it a step further, consider investing in your own bamboo crop—It’s not hard to grow!

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