You don’t even know, but it seems that it was spring only last month, and then the leaves turned red, and now finally it’s time for the snow to fall! You definitely don’t want to freeze in your home during the winter! It is necessary to make it secure and ready for the snow season. So, how are you preparing your home for the winter this year?

A Comprehensive Chart to Winterize Your Home Properly!

Whether you love the winters or dread its arrival, making your home ready for the season is absolutely necessary. And just to help you prep better, here are some tips!

  • Prepare your mudroom — The entrance of the snow and salt to your home along with your visitors and the shoes is normal during winters. You obviously don’t want these to come into your home and create a mess inside! So, avoid this. Have a stool in your mudroom along with a shelf for the shoes – people can comfortably sit and remove their shoes and then enter your home. A doormat in your mudroom will be an added advantage as well.
  • Seal the cracks — From the cracks on your deck to the ones on your home’s walls and wooden roofs – all need a handyman in Perth from Top Deck Carpentry. They are the best people in town for such important work due to their experience and expertise. They’ll conceal the cracks and prevent the ice and moisture from entering the house.
  • Upgrade your heating system — Well, the snow and temperature both are going to be unbearable soon. A slow working heating system during this time can give you goosebumps. Upgrade and repair if needed to be ready to welcome winter. Even checking water heaters is necessary before the onset of the winter months.
  • Weatherstrip the doors and windows —You can forget about complete indoor heating if your doors and windows aren’t stripped properly. Don’t delay in weatherstripping them if you want to stay warm and cozy inside.
  • Insulate your windows — A thick drape on your window is the best way to insulate them. It keeps the indoor temperature warm. Block the cold wind with thick drapes.
  • Gutter cleaning and pipes checking — The gutters can be the culprits to bring moisture indoors and endanger the optimum temperature in your home. Clean and get rid of the blockage before the chill in the air sets in. Also, don’t forget to give your external pipes a look. Any damage and leakage out there is enough to freeze your plumbing system leading to cracks in them.
  • Make that fireplace ready — Either it’s your chimney or the fireplace that needs cleaning and brush up, make these ready so that you can enjoy the winter evenings cozily near the burning flames in the comfort of your house.

Well, these are some of the ways to winterize your home. But don’t forget that you have to be ready for the change of the season as well. Stock your coffee and tea supply in the kitchen, get your socks ready and ensure that all the blankets are at your disposal to make winters a fun time indoors with the family. 

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