Just when the pregnancy report said positive, your mind started taking an accelerated journey towards what would happen next. Like, you’re worried what would you name your child, which hospital are you going to choose for the delivery and even the mall from where you’ll buy the clothes for the little one. And of course, after this comes the decision of designing a perfect nursery for your child. Well, your baby would certainly require a personal space to grow through the years from babyhood to toddlerhood, teens, and finally an adult.

The Best Colours for Your Baby’s Nursery!

They say, the shade of your room impacts your mood, reaction, psychology, and even creativity. That’s why it’s so important to choose the perfect shade for your room wisely. And your little one is surely going to spend hours in the newly created nursery. (Not to forget you accompanying the tiny tot during the endless nights.) So basically, the colour shade you choose for your child’s room will impact your behaviour as well.  Well, let’s read about some awesome shades suited for a child’s nursery and the pros and cons of them.

  • The shades of red — Whether it’s blood red or coral one, it does lift up the entire room with vibrancy. If you are decorating the nursery with maximum shades of red, you’ll find your child more energetic and positive. But, if we believe the experts, red also leads to lots of aggressiveness in behaviour and even quick anger. So, it’s better that you opt for red just as a pop of colour in contrast with light shades of white or cream.
  • Orange hues — Orange is peppy and is said to bring your dramatic side out. But just like red, even this is said to have an aggressive effect on your mood. So, if you want to indulge in a charming delight in your baby’s room, then save the accent wall for glossy orange and let the other walls complement it with light pastel shades.
  • Charming Yellow — Yellow is a happy shade and is most suitable for your child’s room regardless of the baby’s gender. You’ll find a distinct happiness and chirpiness in the room with this shade. But mellow down the hue a little to create a soothing backdrop.
  • The lighter hues of green — Green is very calm and a relaxing shade and complements so well with other shades of yellow, white, etc. But it’s only recommended if the shade is a lighter version of green, like moss or sage. The darker ones seem to distract a lot.
  • Pretty pink — Pink is super soft and charming. We aren’t gender discriminating here, but pink is always associated with a girls room. Though we don’t think why your boy couldn’t enjoy a pink room with grey or chocolate coloured accents. Just call interior painters in Auckland from Gib Profixing and let them create the magic for you. They are very experienced and well known for painting spaces exceptionally. But remember, never overdo pink as overexposure is believed to cause irritability because.
  • Moody Blue – Blue creates a calm oasis and is believed to stimulate rational thinking and also induce calmness and relaxation. The only con probably would be that it is a common choice for a nursery’s wall colour.

Now we hope it would be easier for you to pick from these most preferred shades for a baby’s nursery. Happy baby planning!

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