If you are a parent, you know how tough it is to match up to the ever-changing whims of your child. And when it comes to birthdays, your kid expects nothing but the very best from you. And you would too! After all it’s your kid’s special day! So, where lies the challenge? Coming up with unique birthday party ideas! A birthday bash should be one that would keep the kid holding breath in anticipation, and finally squeal with happiness when the surprise gets revealed. 

So, what’s a themed bash? A themed birthday party is one wherein you prepare the décor, the dresses and even the cake according to a particular theme. Most of the times this is a super hit plan for any party; and if it’s a children’s party, the kids enjoy this the most. But be sure to send across your invitation card in the same theme too, and urge the guests to participate to keep up the theme. This would add to the excitement and perfection of the party! But this also means that your theme should be such where participants can play along without having to go through much hassle.

Creative and Unique Ideas for an Amazing Birthday Party!

There are innumerable themes out there which can make your child’s birthday a big hit with her/him and friends too! But most of them are too common and tried by all. Below are some unique party themes which would make your child’s birthday party extraordinary and super exciting! 

  • Ghost Party — Does your child love thrillers and horror stories? Is he/she a big Halloween fan and love to celebrate it all the year round? Well then, why not plan this one’s party in a ghostly manner. Decorate the whole house with scary props – skeletons cut out from papers, cobwebs made of cotton rolls, candles mounted on faux bone holders, spooky owl eyes painted on plastic bowling pins, white table cloths with black stickers for ghosts – you can go as wild (or scary!) as your imagination would drive. The dress code here can be anything that is scary. For the cake, why not make a ghoul shaped cake? And you can even get your child’s face (and her/his friends’ faces too!) painted in a dramatic way to add in more realistic touch to the party. For Cheap Face Painting in Auckland for kids contact Clarette Fx. They paint almost realistically with their accurate creativity and exceptional perfection. For more inspiration for making your party spooky, think of the movie Hotel Transylvania. Or if you want a sweet ghost story, how about Casper, the friendly ghost?!
  • Mermaid Party — If your child likes water and related stuff, a mermaid party can be a totally exceptional too! You will have all sorts of sea creatures and various beautiful mermaids at your child’s party. If you are celebrating your daughter’s birthday, you can also make your daughter look like Ariel, the famous mermaid from Disney by adding a red-haired wig on her head. Keep the cake totally of marina theme and decorate your home with water creatures’ photos and large props of sea and rocks on the corner. And if you are allowing them to use the swimming pool as well, you are turning them into real mermaids no doubt!
  • Jungle Theme Party — Ok, we aren’t expecting kids to come in their underwear only as Tarzan or Mowgli here, (though that would be extremely unique theme too!) but this means a real jungle themed party. Your kids can dress up as any wild animal and you can cut the cake shaped as the King of the Jungle maybe! Decorate the whole place with huge artificial trees and you can even have a huge poster of a waterfall in one corner. Make the cuties even try out the sounds of the animals they are mimicking, and you can experience a jungle safari in your home, that too live!
  • Wonderland Party — It’s a party that would take their breath away! The elf and dwarfs and the fairies from the Enid Blyton novels come live in this kind of party. The decoration here should be entirely based on dreamland, and the cake should be of anything that your child desires of most, perhaps a Unicorn? With the cute kids roaming around in fairy-tale attires, you yourself could feel like Alice in Wonderland. Theme party can be magical! It gives you the pleasure of being transferred (albeit momentarily) to a totally different environment, and taking a break from the mundane. And the fun element it has for the kids and their friends can be well imagined. Nothing can make their birthdays more exciting than a great theme party!

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