Shag rugs are like Pomeranian breeds – they need proper care to maintain softness. They are identified by their signature touch and looks. They can be plain or printed. In both cases, they look elegant in your home.

Home décor experts have always considered shaggy rugs as the best piece for decorating the floors. They can be small-sized or may run wall to wall. They often offer a tactile look. When placed indoors, you may only have to walk barefoot

If you are not aware of proper caring tips then you can search online for information on the best way to clean a shaggy rug. In general expert shaggy rug cleaning services should be hired for performing this task.

It certainly may not be easy to treat debris and dust particles that are stubborn. You may have to make use of more than one method to perform this task. If the rug is heavy then experts are bet options. You can also follow the below-mentioned methods to accomplish this task with ease.

Old School Technique

Dust and debris can only be treated using the old school technique of dusting. You can shake the entire rug outdoors. This will ensure that all dust and debris particles are allowed to flow out of the fabric. To perform this task you may need to call in your friends and relatives to help you out.

Shaggy rugs are heavy and need more than one person to handle. It is advisable to offer the rug with a very powerful shake. Each stroke will ensure that the dust is allowed to flow out of the rug. You can also make use of a strong stick to stroke the rug with gentle strokes.

Performing this task for some time will ensure that germs and mites are also killed instantly.

Tough Vacuum

If the shag rug is too heavy in weight then you may have to make use of a vacuum cleaner to suck out the dust particles. The vacuum is always suggested for rugs as it will suck the dust, debris, and mites from deep beneath the top layer.

If the fibers of the rug are longer then vacuum is the only best option available. You may have to set the right suction power of the vacuum cleaner when performing this task. For tough rugs, it is suggested to vacuum regularly.

At least try and make use of the vacuum once a week so the rug is in good condition.

Treat Spots

Stain and spots have to be treated. You may have to make use of stain remover liquid. The soiled area should be effectively treated using the right cleanser. When performing this task you may have to ensure the rug is placed in a safe area.

If the rug is bigger then you may feel more comfortable cleaning it outdoors. Always ensure you seek assistance when cleaning it outdoors.

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