Getting your child to read a book can be a challenge! But once you’ve got a child interested in the habit of reading books, you need to add the best authors to the list. One of the authors that most children love reading is Ruskin Bond.
Ruskin Bond’s stories are descriptive and imaginative. Even though it’s inspired for real-life occurrences, there’s an element of wonder and innocence. If you haven’t introduced your kid/s to Ruskin Bond books, you should start doing that at the earliest. The top three books by RuskinBond to begin with are:

The Blue Umbrella

The story revolves around a girl called Binya, who meets a team of tourists and finds a blue umbrella amongst them. The tourists liked Binya and gave her the umbrella, in exchange for her leopard-claw pendant. Binya’s newly acquired blue umbrella gets everybody’s attention. Even a local shopkeeper becomes obsessed with the umbrella and wants to attain it. The story unfolds as the shopkeeper decides to steal Binya’s umbrella. Your children should read the story because of the engaging descriptions and human traits depicted.

The Cherry Tree

The story is about a young boy named Rakesh, who stays on the outskirts of Mussoorie with his grandfather. One day Rakesh plants a cherry seed and then forgets everything about it. A couple of months later, he finds that the seed is growing to be a cherry tree slowly. He then starts to take care of this tree and keeps it secured from all hassles. You should allow your child to read the story because it depicts love for nature. Also, multiple seasons get represented through this story. Also, your child will learn the relevance of doing something by themselves.

Grandfather’s Private Zoo

This story blends in both wildlife and nature. A young boy here is the narrator who talks about him and his grandfather. The story is about their adventures with many animals that they keep in their private zoo. There are crows, monkeys, hornbills, pythons, and many more. And the owners take complete accountability of the issues these animals cause. The young boy over time discovers many aspects of the animals that help him establish a connection with them.

The best part of this story is the introduction to multiple stories. Your kid might get to know about various animals, that they were previously not aware of. It might instill in them a curiosity and appreciation for both nature and wildlife. It also demonstrates the multiple behavioral traits and patterns of animals. It will give the kids a different insight into animals and their way of being.

Ruskin Bond’s stories and books bring a sense of beauty, childlike innocence, and takes one into a judgment-free world. It depicts life and nature as it is. The characters are also of the place and do complete justice to the setting. Make sure that you add these three books by Ruskin Bond on your kid’s reading list. Once they develop a liking for it, you can include other names as well. You find Ruskin Bond books in the best online book libraries as well.

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