What is your inspection?

Unlike Best home inspection in orlando fl companies, we inspect homes as though we were buying them. A home inspector is trained to inspect a representative number of items when they become certified. This is not what we believe. What happens if an inspector does not check something? Every outlet, light switch and door, as well as every window and nook, are checked. Inspections can also be done only visually. This is something we don’t believe in. We remove the covers from your electric panel to ensure that your property is properly wired. We also take off the cover of the air handler to ensure that your air conditioner is working correctly and that the coils are clean.

What length of time have you been in the home inspection industry? How many inspections have your completed?

Since 2005, we have been conducting Home Inspections throughout Central Florida and the surrounding areas. We are from the construction industry, where we have built and renovated homes. Over 8000 home inspections have been completed, and each one was thorough. We keep up with the industry’s changes by continuing education to gain any knowledge that will be of benefit to our clients.

Do you have any experience in residential inspection?

Bill’s expertise is in new construction. His experience includes superintendent oversight of all aspects of construction for multi-million dollar homes and mansions up to 1100 square feet. Single-family homes. His knowledge of the best methods for building homes is invaluable. He is a large family member, including master electricians and master plumbers.

John has extensive experience in all aspects of restoration and remodelling. John has sold and bought over 80 houses and knows the best methods and materials for every part of remodelling. This team of home inspectors is the best in the business.

Is it possible to offer repairs or improvements based on the inspection?

We have no answer. Repairs on a home we have inspected are a conflict of interest. We are not allowed to make repairs because of our certification with the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors. Do not trust inspection companies offering repairs!!

What time will it take to inspect?

We know that time is precious and value that fact when inspecting homes. Many factors can affect each home. It depends on the condition of the property, its age, size, location, access to the attic, and other factors. Our clients are also welcome to come along because we will try to diagnose any problems and provide all the necessary information to fix them. You, our client, will have the complete information to determine if the problem can be fixed or is too serious.

What is the cost of this?

The cost of an inspection will vary depending on the house’s size, age, and construction. A complete home inspection requires a minimum of $150 and an average cost of $.10 per square foot. The gross square footage is the home’s total area under the roof. We believe that honest days are paid for honest work. This is without any upselling techniques to get as much money from people.


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