As a business, each of your contacts is important. Whether it’s a new client coming in with a proposal, or an existing patron seeking your product or service, or anticipating supplier, or a person looking for a job in your company — you have to ensure everybody gets an equal attention from your side, for the sake of the goodwill of your company. Even when you are busy in a meeting or some crucial work, they should be at their comfortable best in a pleasant waiting room with enough entertainment to keep them engaged till the time you meet them. 

When you design your office or a commercial building, you make sure each part of it is elegant and comfortable. From the meeting room to the cafeteria, from the building lobby to the waiting room, each space should be designed perfectly, and must consist of all the essentials to make the space functional and aesthetic. That’s what helps a properly working commercial centre or an office to maintain the cycle of work stable and pleasant. But often, the most ignored part of any office, even in today’s time, is it’s waiting room. Boring walls with some sombre seating arrangement is not the ideal waiting room situation for a flourishing business!

How to design the most exceptional waiting room?

A waiting room need not be all that extravagant and elegant, all it needs is to be pleasant and charming and comfortable! That’s enough to keep your guests entertained and relaxed for long. Let’s read about the various additions to your waiting room which can make it really a good place to spend time:

  • Comfortable and presentable furniture — Naturally, furniture is the most important thing in a waiting room. People understand that they’ll have to wait for you in a room, but if that room has a crooked, worn out chair, or a torn, unbalanced sofa, obviously they are going to feel insulted waiting there. Therefore, good looking and comfortable furniture is the basic criterion for a nice waiting room. You can easily get the ones you like from the Best furniture shops in Ballarat. Furniture Contracts provide you the best quality and impressive looking furniture, that can gel with any décor theme, ready to be placed in your waiting room. Good looking furniture will also add the oomph factor to your waiting room’s decor!
  • Get the right lighting — It is shocking, but most of the offices have the gloomiest lights in their waiting rooms. Or it’s just an old tube light or bulb lighting the place. Make sure you choose the right kind of lighting that is functional yet not jarring, not too overpowering yet aesthetically pleasing.
  • Give some thought to the decor — We don’t mean to say your waiting room should look exactly like an art gallery, but it should not look stark either. You can have some nice artwork on the wall, get some other decorative accessories like show pieces, vintage vases, clocks etc. and decorate the room sparingly but impressively. If you want to let a word out about the company’s goodwill or your accolades, you may put your accomplishment certificates and awards in a showcase.
  • Keep them hooked —You don’t want your guests to be bored to death waiting for you. That is why you should put a television in the room that can be controlled by the receptionist. You may also put a music system in the room to fill the air with some tunes. But in either case, don’t turn up the volume too much. Also, a book shelf with interesting books, magazines and newspapers should be present in the room for people who enjoy reading.
  • Some games — When talking of keeping your guests busy, how can you forget to add something because of which they’ll not mind your delayed presence?  You can keep some board games that can be played even by a single person, or may be a stack of cards. These and should be laid on the centre table itself so that the guests know it’s there for their usage. 

Apart from all these factors to keep them busy, you can also let them enjoy a round of tea and light nibbles (like cookies). Finally, there must be a provision for a clean and functional restroom adjacent to the waiting room, and also provision for drinking water. 

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