It can be difficult to be a stay at home mom. It can be exhausting, demanding, and isolating. It can be a great gift for your family. You must first survive it.

Things To Do As a Stay at Home Mom

1. Take a shower and get dressed every day

Don’t give up on yourself. It’s possible for your clean clothes to become spit-up-covered or mac-and cheese-laden five minutes after they are put on. But it’s worth it. Respect yourself and take the time to attend to your daily needs.

2. Get Out of the House Daily

Every day, you must get out of your home. It can feel overwhelming at times. It can be stressful to pack the diaper bag, prepare, and meet the challenges of the world. This is especially true if your child is fussy. You must get out into the world. You can avoid isolation by having a quick conversation with Starbucks baristas or Target checkout clerks.

3. Find a hobby

Don’t make your child/ren your whole identity. You can find a hobby that you can do together or while they sleep. You can think of blogging, sewing, crafting and photography. Find something that brings you joy and is not competitive. It will give you fulfillment beyond bubbles and finger paints.

4. Find Parenting Blogs, Websites and Articles of All Kinds

Websites and blogs about parenting are open and honest. The story of a mother who is brave enough to share her struggles and embarrassment can help you realize that you are not alone. Don’t be fooled by fake Facebook pages that claim to have all the glory. You will be reminded by a friendly voice via the Internet that it’s not just you, and will feel like a warm hug.

5. Concentrate on what you CAN do

It is easy to get caught up in the details. Take a deep breath, take in all that you can and try to forget these thoughts. You can hold your children’s hands, wipe their tears, hug them as often as you like, travel the world with them, answer all of their questions, and even cry if they ask.

6. Get Rid of Pinterest

It is possible to start your search with the intention of finding easy crafts for your child/ren. You will soon find yourself lost in a sea of eye-candy “could do”s that will make you feel inadequately creative. Do not try to be someone else’s mother. Be the mother that you are. Find the best way to help your children and you.

7. Say No

Moms who stay at home tend to say yes to everything – the bake sale and the church bazaar, school picnics, homemade play dough month – whenever they are asked, it’s almost like they feel obligated. You feel like a part of yourself is saying, “I am just staying home.” Don’t let that happen to you! Unwanted obligations can be turned down because you have plenty of other things on your plate.

8. Be kind to your partner

Don’t rely on your husband or wife to provide validation and monthly performance evaluations. Your husband should not be expected to anticipate your needs. Communicate in a positive manner what you need and how you feel. Your spouse can still have a normal life, even if you are at home all day with your children. Don’t be competitive and show compassion to your spouse.

9. For reinforcements, call us

If you need a break, it is not weakness to say so. If a friend or relative offers to take your children for an afternoon, say yes! Then return the favor as soon as you can. It’s also completely permissible to hire someone to assist you. You can take four hours per week to go for a pedi, walk, or just hang out with friends. You don’t have to give up your job by taking a break from work or getting support. Your job is not 24/7. You can and should take a break from time to think about your work.

10. You know that perfection is not an option

Recognize and embrace it. There are many ways to parent a child. Try to be gentle and kind with yourself, and try your best. There will be mistakes, but that is what makes a mother great. Allow yourself to make mistakes. If you love your children the right way, they will be happy.

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