First of all, no, I’m not! Just thought I’d clear that up pretty quickly before anyone (hi Hubs & Mum) go into panic mode and start to think I’ve been hiding something from them! My niece is pregnant at the moment, and watching her bump grow reminds me how much hard work it is creating a human person while going about your daily life. Nip to the shops, do the hoovering, cook dinner, grow a person. Easy.! We all do the reminiscing thing, I know my mum still does it about being pregnant with me, and I’m almost 32 now! One of my first signs of pregnancy was craving some seriously strong cheese. I was dreaming about Brie & Camembert, and considering I hate cheese, it was a pretty big sign! In fact, I remember saying to hubs, if I was pregnant right now, it would clearly be a boy (taking after his daddy on the cheese loving thing) – bearing in mind we had been told we’d never have anymore babies – and I was pregnant and he was a boy! Other signs were things like falling asleep in the middle of the afternoon, feeling sick as soon as the toothbrush went anywhere near my mouth, being able to smell things a mile off & generally feeling like cr*p for a good 3 months!

I used to go online to track what was happening ‘in’ there, watching my pregnancy week by week the baby went from the size of an olive to the size of a melon pretty damn quick! Even though I’d already been there and done that the first time round with GG, I still wanted to take in as much information as I possibly could, only this time round I became better at filtering out any I didn’t want to hear! And as for the birth story ‘competitions’ people were banned from telling me anything. I hate to think how many times I either stuck my fingers in my ears or just walked off rather than listen to scare stories.I think, if it was just a case of deciding when we would like to get pregnant (or give birth) I’d find the whole baby number 3 thing a lot easier. Because we don’t know how long it could take us, or even if we could have another, I really struggle with it. I know we’re VERY lucky to have two gorgeous kids, and as old ladies like to point out, one of each is very clever of us, I still toy with the idea of another. One day I am determined I will have another one, with a brilliant birth, sucessfull breastfeeding & snapping back into my jeans, the next day I am anti anymore babies like you wouldn’t believe! I’m going with the whole, if you’re not sure about it, then the answer should be no. Much to hubs pleasure. For now anyway. So, until I can decide if I am going to put a bun in my oven, I’ll make do with rubbing bumps, cuddling newborns & sleeping all night through. Sounds like a good idea to me.

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