Learning starts right from birth, and as a parent, it is extremely important for you to create a safe, vibrant environment that is not only warm and safe but also helps in sensory development of your baby. Children observe from their surroundings that create patterns in their mind; thus, one should not go by their personal choice but consider what is good for the baby. 

For that, you should know that babies only use their five senses to distinguish among the elements, textures, or whatever is around them. While the food is the primary element for stimulating taste sensory skills, the remaining four- see, hear, smell, and touch depends on the room ambience. 

Safety, hygiene, comfort, budget there are several things to consider when designing the room to its best. With so many complications, it becomes challenging where to start from. But if we narrow down the search, the complex can be made simpler. So, here are some points you should look out when designing your baby room.

Designing Your Baby’s World
  • Colours Are The Essentials

Nowadays, most parents eliminate the use of multiple colours and go for a single colour tone like white, pink or blue to paint home. You might be thinking it is good for your baby, but in reality, it’s not. A bright, colourful environment is what a baby needs for vision development. Fill the baby’s room with appealing colours of varied shades, and add patterns, designs to enhance eye coordination. As your loved one always looks at the top while lying, decorate the ceiling wall with colourful scenes and landscapes. 

Note: Use only non-toxic, eco-friendly colours to paint walls. Online baby shops and outlets stock an array of paints for decoration you can choose from. 

  • The Sense of Touch

Usually, first-time parents care more for safety and forget that texture and touch are essential components for sensory development. So, instead of having only plain surfaces, consider adding some pebble-like surfaces which are safe and give your baby a feeling of touch. You can also buy toys like dotted balls which helps in touch stimulation. 

  • Smell for a Perfect Sleep

Babies can see only black and white and shades of grey in their early days, and they recognize their mother by her scent. So, to develop the smell sensories place flowers, natural scents that produce mild fragrances. Moreover, the baby-care products should have a soothing aroma that calm the nerves- this includes massage oils, skin-care creams, shower gels and more. Caution should be taken against allergies. 

  • The Lovely Sound 

Music excites as well as calm children. It triggers multiple senses in the brain. Add musical toys in your baby room that generate white noise. Experiment with sounds and know what excites and relaxes your baby. You can keep a stereo for lullabies to put your child to sleep. 

Review musical toys online or check by visiting the nearest baby shop in your location. This will also help you to know the right price of the product. But do not use mobile phones as they emit harmful radiation and could have adverse effects on your baby. 

  • Prompting The Taste 

Food rules the sense of taste but we all know anything we give to a child goes directly to the mouth. So, whatever you have included in the room, make sure it is non-toxic, BPA-free and safely designed. Opt for furniture and cradles with round-corners and toys that are big to avoid ingestion. 

Decorating the nursery with these mindful tactics will help in better development of your loving baby and prepare them for the outer world. So, shop for beautiful gift items, toys, furniture and create a beautiful world for your baby. 

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