If you perceive the situation of moving your home as a child, you’ll find yourself at a loss and under an alien surrounding with your entire world going topsy-turvy! Not to forget witnessing mommy and daddy under constant stress and tension. Sometimes even as adults you feel this situation is totally distracting, and that is why the majority of us dread moving homes.

But moving houses becomes a necessity in today’s world where change has become the only constant – be it because of professional necessities or personal preferences. But as compared to others, parents of little ones are the ones who find moving homes extremely difficult, and avoid it unless it’s very important.

How Can Moving Houses Be Easy Even with Kids on Board?

No matter how hard you try, you can’t avoid either the kids or the moving in any way. You have to deal with both of them tactfully. The best thing you can do to make your work easier and stress less is choose and appoint help from the best removalist companies in Brisbane. Happy Removal is one such company that does the hard work for you, and leaves you stress-free during this transition period. For the rest of the clever ways to manage this tough task while dealing with kids alongside, read below!

  • Prepare them Mentally —Your most important concern while shifting to a new place would be preparing the kids mentally. Take them to visit the new house, it’s vicinity, the neighbourhood and even the new school and park. Let them engage with the new people around the house and get acquainted with the new surroundings to ensure they are ready emotionally for the new change.
  • Let them Pack their Own Stuff — One of the best things to keep children out of trouble and be less cranky is keeping them busy. Let them pack their own stuff and learn the basics of shifting houses and even enjoy the task.
  • If School is on – Wait for Some Time — If you have school going kids, avoid moving during their term and middle year. Intentionally fix a date and schedule the moving during holidays or after the term gets over.
  • Don’t Mess the Routine — Never let your house shifting process upset your daily routine and attention towards the kids. It disturbs them largely, and they even feel afraid of it (if you’re too hard on them during the hustle and bustle of the moving period).
  • Make Moving Fun — We know this is the most difficult part, but try making moving fun for the kids. Let them scribble on the cartons to mention which room the boxes belong to, or they can even draw a cartoon (on the carton) of the person whose belongings are being packed in the box. Let them count the parcels, and help the guys picking them up by counting the stuff. (But always ensure their safety while doing so.)
  • Move them Away when Heavy Furniture is being Packed and Moved — One of the members can take the kids for a stroll to a garden or read them a story when the men are moving heavy furniture.

Let’s make moving an enjoyable activity for the kids (even under so much stress)! Just follow the above steps and you’ve actually done the incredible perfectly! 

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