Both parents are entitled to financial support for children until they turn majority. The courts often order child support payments to be made. They are usually initiated once the parent has filed for support.

Sometimes, the parent who originally requested child support may want to stop receiving it. Let’s first look at the reasons a parent might want to stop receiving, or refuse to receive, child support payments.

Why stop child support payments?

There are many reasons parents might change their minds about child support payments.

    • The parents reconcile: If they can agree, it would not be unreasonable for one parent to stop receiving child support payments. If that happens, the parent who initiated the child-support order must return to the family court to explain why they want to stop receiving child support payments. 1
    • The recipient has changed: If you have a new job or inherit money, you can end child support payments. This would not be a requirement. Your ex-spouse could file for a modification to child support. After reviewing your financial situation, the court could decide to decrease or stop child support payments.
    • If the circumstances of the parent who is paying child support¬†have changed, you may give up child support to help ease your ex’s financial burden. This is not a common occurrence. Ex-spouses could also request modifications. You would only need to file for child support modification with the courts. The courts would then examine all financial information and issue a modification.

How to stop payments

If you have a legal reason to stop child support payments and want to start the process, visit the nearest family court or the one that issued the current child support order. Talk to the county clerk to request the necessary paperwork to stop child support payments. Complete the paperwork and submit it to the courthouse. 

A judge or other court-appointed representative may persuade you to stop paying child support. The court may decide that it is in your child’s best interests to continue receiving as much financial support as possible. Be prepared to explain why you want to stop child support payments.

You do not have to stop child support payments. If your ex is in financial difficulties, you could return the child support payments to them.

A Word from Sophistimom

Parents who no longer have responsibility for child support payments must keep accurate records of payments made towards the child’s education. A non-custodial parent should keep receipts so that they don’t owe any child support payments in the future.

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