Time is anything but surplus nowadays! You are on a constant war with time professionally, socially and emotionally! Careers have taken an essential role in our life, and you are left with very little time with family, friends and household commitments – all in such a restrained schedule! 

Apart from your loved ones seeking constant attention from you, even your house requires your time! Some regular cleaning is needed in your house to ensure it remains as tidy and shining as it was when you first built it! While mounting the workload for later can be really challenging to tackle with your busy schedule, but more because things may really get out of hand when piled up!

Bright cleaning tips for busy bees! 

The key to a well maintained and clean home is a proper working cycle of action and commitment! Even if one of these lags behind, your house has those untidy corners that shouldn’t be present at all! But, managing the same with a packed schedule can be pretty tough! So, we’ve sorted the list of tasks for you to carry in order to have a tidy home regardless of a busy life!

  • Make the beds —Cleanliness starts with getting up! Never leave your bed wrinkled and unmade! Make your bed the first thing in the morning and the rest would seem tidy automatically.
  • Clean everyday — Each day does require a certain cleaning tasks like sweeping, wiping, dusting, etc. Ensure to do it daily to stay updated with your cleanliness management.
  • Utilise your spare moments — Got 5 minutes free? Wipe that wall frames in the bedroom or simply vacuum the rug. Finish such micro cleaning tasks at spare moments to utilise your time better.
  • Go for monthly professional help — Although you’re trying your best in daily cleaning, but monthly professional cleaning makes a huge difference. Those neglected corners and the tough areas of the home are well cleaned by professionals like those at the Express Home and Office Cleaning offering house cleaning services in Auckland. They do the tough task for you and ensure a thorough and deep cleaned house through their immaculate service!!
  • Give a daily wipe session — Those hard to clean tasks like grease build up on table tops and bathroom floor need a daily scrubbing! One at a time, fix a few minutes each day for each such tough section, and you’ll have no thick grease to worry about later.
  • Clean all those within your reach — Have those glass shelves empty — clean them! The dining table looks a bit dirty, wipe that. Pay attention to such petty tasks at hand and finish them instantly.
  • Put everything away neatly — Develop this habit of placing everything in its proper place neatly! In this way you won’t have any untidy cluttered items lying in your home at any point of time!
  • Keep checking weekly stock — Busy life equals no time even to check your refrigerated left-over food daily. Ensure a weekly check up of the inventory and refrigerated items. Trash the unnecessary ones, and stock the fresh items as needed.
  • Make cleaning a family affair — Got partners and family members sharing the space? Ensure everyone’s doing their job of cleaning regularly. This leads to a lesser load on your shoulders, and home stays spic and span too! Totally a win-win situation! 

We know your work is essential! But so is your home! Now, you don’t have to face the guilt of neglecting any of them. The above tips would help you manage both perfectly! 

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