Who doesn’t want to own a house? But maintaining it keeping it up to date is not always an easy task. Some people are born creative, and they also come up with unique ideas for their homes. However, not all of us are the same, and in spite of having the willingness to renovate your home, if you do not know where to start from, take experts’ suggestions.

In this article, we have also tried to lay down some simple home renovation options – take ideas from it and give a new look to your current residence. 

Ten Simple Home Renovation Hacks

1. Use Brick Slip Tiles Uk Splashback in Your Kitchen

Brick slip tiles are easy to install, and along with the brickwork look, they come in a variety of colors and textures. Instead of hefty investment of changing your entire home’s tile, add a brick slip tiled splashback in your kitchen. It is sure to change the whole look of the kitchen without hurting your pocket.

2. Add a Feature Wall in Your Living Room

Tired of looking at the same color and texture in your living room, but do not have sufficient cash to renovate the entire place – take up one wall. You can bring life to the drawing-room, by simply adding a feature wall in it. You can either opt for some bold, vibrant color or put up some exciting wallpapers.

3. Update the Bathroom Cabinetries

If you do not want to spend a lot on changing all the cabinets in your bathroom, no problem. Minor repairing of the old cabinets and giving a facelift to them can also help to a great extent. Let the safe ones remain, and apply a fresh coat of paint on them. But, if there are any damaged cabinets, then you must change them without much delay.

4. Replace Old Taps

Another change that doesn’t cost you much but can have maximum impact is changing the valves in the kitchen and bathroom. Modern faucets can uplift the look of the entire kitchen space in minimal time.

Create an Open Space in Your Home

Open space adds a different charm to your home. But it doesn’t always mean that you have to break down a wall. A simple act of getting rid of the large, bulky pieces of furniture or by shifting some of them to another room, can also create a sufficient amount of open space. In case you are too attached to any of this furniture, causing place congestion, consider re-painting with off-white.

1. Add a Mirror

If your dream of renovation has hit a block because of finances, this simple hack of adding a mirror can also do wonders. When placed strategically, such as opposite to the windows, it can create an illusion of space. It reflects more light inside the room, thus, giving the feel of more space. 

Depending on the décor of your room, use a decorative frame or sleek black and white frame.

2. Change the Lighting of Your Home

When a room is poorly lit, it looks dull, clumsy, small and overcrowded. On the contrary, a brightly lit room looks a lot more spacious, aerated, and welcoming. Windows are great for getting natural lights, but installing a new window is not a feasible option always. So, as a natural alternative, change the lights of the space. Table lamps or floor lamps are great for creating the desired warm feeling. Instead of changing the lights, you can also change the old fixtures – it is also great for giving a facelift to your home.

3. Use the Rug More Creatively

Rugs are always used on the floors, how about using it on the wall for a change? 

If you want to give a luxurious and opulent look and feel to your bedroom, use your favorite rug as the bedhead. No matter what is the color, textured, or round rugs always look great as bedheads.

4. Create an Outdoor Space

The change always need not be inside the house – you can also play around with the backyard. Create an open space for gatherings, or move your kitchen to outdoors to the unused space in the backyards.

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