Life changes and schedules alter when you become a parent. Now everything you do gets dominated by the time table of your child. Your sleeping habits, your eating habits, and even your reading habits change! But still, the workload never ends! But did you even think of changing your cleaning habits too? Yes, with children, even your simplest chores should be planned and managed in such a way that you get ample time with the child when they are just a baby or a toddler. Make sure you involve the children in the cleaning when they start schooling, and they should be playing an equal hand in domestic chores when they are in their teens. 

This is easier said than done, because kids can be really tough to manage and hard to convince to share the domestic load with you. Are you sceptical about trusting professional help for your domestic chores, especially when your child is just a toddler or a baby?! Well, you are not the only one! You’d be always wondering if the professional cleaners would be reliable, and whether the cleaning agents they use are safe for your kids. But there are good options available for domestic cleaning services in Adelaide like Clean Advice. They provide you all round solution for your home cleaning by trusted workmen using the best quality cleaning agents that are safe for the environment, and also around children and pets. Taking this step would ease off a huge burden from your shoulders, especially in the early days of parenting.

How can you keep a house clean with kids around?

Toddlers or teens, the kids have to be properly trained in order to help you in basic domestic cleaning of the house. Not that you are desperate for their help, but because you as a parent should inculcate a sense of responsibility in them. Keeping a house clean with kids around is a war you have to win daily. And what best way would it be to deal with such a situation than making them your soldiers and let them deal with the mess they make at home?! This would limit their cluttering the house, and teach them the basic etiquettes of keeping the home clean. Read below the ways you can keep a house clean with even dozens of kids around the house!

  • Involve the kids — The thumb rule of managing a home with kids is involving them in the task itself. Let them know that cleaning their rooms and packing their toys is essential for their home to be as beautiful as it should be.
  • Start them young — It’s during their toddler years that kids learn to clutter the house. Train them now! You can’t expect a kid to start cleaning and keeping everything in place suddenly in their teens. Start with the basic manners, small things – like, clearing the toys after playing, putting away books after reading, and throwing the wrappers in the dustbin.
  • Be specific in instructions— God knows, kids can be very adept at misinterpreting any sources of any information you give them. You’ll tell them to clean the paint on the floor, they’ll actually start scrubbing it with a bath loofah – you get the picture. Always be specific with your instructions with them. Let them know what to clear, where to keep and how to keep.
  • Start with just the toys and clothes —Toys and clothes are all kids can think of when asked about cleaning, so let them start with it. Then would come books and stationaries. This way, gradually they get used to clearing everything else they use and keep other things managed just as they do with their own stuff.
  • Competition is necessary — One thing you can do to inspire the kids to help in domestic cleaning while keeping them busy too is to make it seem like a game. Pretend that it is a competition — who picks up more cluttered stuff or cleans better, etc. If there’s only one kid in the house, you become the second! But competition always works!
  • Let them create a schedule — If your kids are teens or just going to reach that threshold, you can easily set a timetable for cleaning with them. Let them manage a particular department of cleaning each day, and make this a part of the regular routine.
  • Let them be the monitor — Kids love to play parents! So, when you want your home to look spic and span and your kids to help you out with this too, you’ll have to change roles. Let them be the dictator and manage you, and you can together deal with the mess this way!

Now you have got the best secrets for a home that’s always clean and shining even when kids rule the roost. But always remember to avoid harsh chemicals when the little ones are assisting you with the cleaning, use gloves and other safety measures.

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