As a parent, selecting the right childcare is important to both you and your child.There are various options that you can go for and each comes with its pros and cons. For example, you could go for a daycare centre or if you believe that your child requires more of one-on-one attention, then you can go in for in-home care and then there’s the formal daycare centre.The fact is as a working parent, it may not be possible for you to stay at home all day to take care of your kid. You may want to check out the various options that are currently available and select one that best suits your requirements.There are a few factors that you need to consider,  before you choose the appropriate childcare centre, so go ahead and check them out.

Assess: Before choosing to go ahead with a childcare centre, visit the place and see how the staff interact with the children. Studies have shown that children develop better skills when they are in close contact with their caregivers and that includes the mother and any daycare professional as well. See how the staff handles the children; see if they can interact better with them and if they stay near the kids. You may also want to check the caregiver-child ratio. According to the American paediatrics society, the optimum ratio for caregivers to kids is 1:3 for kids under 24 months of age. Just search online for ”Childcare, Auckland” for a list of all the local childcare facilities.

Commitment: Before opting for an in-home daycare, you may want to carefully check out the references of the concerned caregiver. Find out more about them, double-check their references and see if the references check out. But more importantly, you need to make sure that a caregiver is a reliable person and one that you can trust your child to, day after day. You may also want to ask them for a one-year commitment to ensure that they turn up on schedule, to help take care of your kid. For more tips and suggestions, check out Childcare in Auckland.

Ask the Important Questions: Before you choose any daycare centre, you may want to ask them relevant queries. Make sure that you know about their policies regarding television, timeouts, scolding etc. You may also want to check out their schedule for each day, and about lunch, the food offered and nap time. Do find out about their sick child policy and about the various symptoms and conditions that may require you to keep your kid home. All these queries should help you gauge the effectiveness of the daycare centre and help you figure out if it’s the right one for you.

Communicate: You may want to develop a close relationship with the caregiver since they would be looking after your child, while you’re at the office. You can discuss how your kid slept, the various issues you are having at home – how to handle your  child etc. The point is that you can use the caregiver as a sounding board and share your worries with her. She would be more than happy to make a few suggestions which should enable you to manage both your work and your home life smoothly.

Instinct: And you can always count on your instinct to tell you if something is wrong. If for some reason, your instinct tells you that there is something wrong about a particular centre – then you may want to stay away from the same.With these suggestions, you should be able to choose the right daycare centre for your kid. Just remember that the right daycare centre will not just watch over your kid, they will also try and help boost your kid’s development.  This is why you need to take care when you are shopping around for a daycare centre, and that you pick out the right one for your kid.

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