Kids and their birthdays’ celebrations – parents never get tired of planning it, and they continuously try to give their best to make this day extra special for their little munchkins. And kids! They eagerly look forward to this day throughout the year.

Let us help you with some fresh ideas which will surely make your outdoor birthday party extraordinary for your kids. Take all the fun along with the mess of celebration to your outdoors and add a little summertime twist with Wide Bay Party Hire who come with unique themes, such as camping, sprinklers, resorts, aquarium, and outdoor movies, and with a bunch of amusement hires like jumping castles, and slides. 

Outdoor birthday party ideas for kids
  • Amusement rides

You can hire from a wide range of amusement rides and make the birthday celebration totally unforgettable and a massive hit. Along with the rides, some of the organizers also offer finger foods and take care of the entire parties. 

Activities: The focus of the party will be on the rides, so don’t bother with other things like too many snacks or games. Kids will be too engrossed with the rides, which also come in different themes.
Décor: Discuss with the company from whom you are planning to hire the rides, and if you can get a themed ride, sync in your birthday decor, cake, and card with it.

  • Messy Art Party

Most of the kids love colors, and parents often fear that they will mess up with the well-decorated and clean walls of the home. So, this birthday let your child exhaust herself with colors, and you have a great time seeing them enjoy. Inform your kids to come dressed for a mess, or you can also arrange a few aprons for them!

Activities: When kids are free to create a mess, the possibilities for fun are boundless. Cover your backyard with painters’ drop cloth, supply your guests with loads of colors and let them splatter it all over the fabric, or you can also fill balloons with paint and make them pop. You can also get a few water guns, which are the flawless combination of two favorite summer games: squirt guns and painting. Even cleaning up at the end of the party is part of a fun activity, and guests enjoy running through the sprinklers.

Decor: It’s all about art so, do keep the artistic juices be a part of your decorations. Use artist palettes to serve the food. Any art supplies is an obvious requirement of the day.

  • Outdoor Movie Party

Unlike the other two ideas, this is a hit among kids of any age. It’s a reasonable and least effort taking birthday party idea, but never ceases to entertain you, little guests. You can ask you’re the parents to carry their blankets, quilts, and, if possible, lawn chairs. Thus, you will have enough seating also, when setting up an outdoor movie party for the kids to give them a chance to enjoy a movie under the stars.

Activity: Selecting the movie is crucial because, after your kid, it is the showstopper of the birthday. You can either hire or purchase an outdoor screen or create your own display using a white sheet. Do not forget to test the projector and the sound system before the party to avoid any technical glitch.

Decor: Tone down the decoration with some twinkle lights and balloons. Put up a dissolute snack bar and stuff it up with all the customary movie snacks like popcorns, nachos, fries, etc.

Other ideas

Some of the other great options for your kid’s birthday party can be:

  • Organizing a camping party – this is safer for older kids with whom you continuously don’t have to fear about the lights and the fire.
  • Lawn game party – depending on the age organize games, and let the kids have fun till the sun shines!
  • Splash party – why only elders should have all the fun, let your kids too have small pool parties till the summer lasts. You can also create a few buckets of fun for the kids to enjoy!

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