I guess it’s been ages, but awhile back, I asked my readers on facebook what kinds of posts they would like to see more of. My good friend from high school mentioned I should do a post on our favorite baby books. Since a lot of our board books have been lost over the years, while others have been chewed to death, the kids and I put this list together of all the favorite books we can remember.

Goodnight Moon We read this one so many times, we had to buy several copies. When those wore out, I simply recited the poem to my kids as they fell asleep.

Guess How Much I Love You We loved this one to death. So much that my youngest never got to see it. It’s about two hares—a mommy and a baby—who have a battle of wits to see who loves the other more. It may make you cry. I’m getting a little choked up as I write about it.

The Going-To-Bed Book Oh, how we love Sandra Boynton. Her stories are adorable and quick. I don’t know about you, but for me, quick is key when reading to babies. This is a little rhyming book that follows a posse of animals through their bedtime routine while residing on a cruise ship.


Blue Hat, Green Hat This one is hilarious for toddlers, and when you read it enough, they will soon be able to read it to you. It’s the story of a turkey, who never seems to be able to dress himself right.

Snuggle Puppy  The song that goes to this story is on Sandra Boynton’s CD Philadelphia Chickens. This was the song that used to make my oldest son cry as a four-year-old. When I saw it as a board book, I had to buy it right away. It became an instant favorite of my youngest son.

Olivia Love that pig. I never thought the book could be better until it came out in the board book form. Ian Falconer is an absolute genius.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar Wasn’t this one of your favorites when you were a kid? And wasn’t the one you checked out of the library torn and covered in something sticky? The board book will last much longer. Problem averted . . . for a couple of years, at least.

Doggies Now, this one, I do have to state a disclaimer. It’s basically a counting book where different kids of dogs help you count. For example, it goes, “One dog: Woof. Two Dogs: Woof. Yap! Yap!” and so on, until the end. It made me exhausted to do all the voices—and I never got let off the hook with reading it once. It was almost always a two or three time read through. At least. That said, though may have been hoping it found it’s way to the bottom of the toy box, it was one of my kids’ all time favorites.

Each Peach Pear Plum Now, this one is underrated. We loved it. I learned about it first in high school, when I worked at a children’s book store. It was a best seller then, and I was so happy to find it as a board book, though you do have to look for it—or special order it on amazon. It’s basically a little rhyme that throws together about ten fairy tales, and you have to play I Spy at the same time. It’s lovely, and the colors are so sweet, it makes me want to have another baby so I can design a nursery around the book.

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? Eric Carle. Maybe it’s the writer in me—I love this one for its descriptive verbs: braying, hissing, trumpeting, etc. I would read this one with a low voice to lull my little ones asleep.

What are your family’s favorite board books?

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