Childhood obesity rates are soaring high across the globe with every passing year. It has become a significant issue that is causing chronic diseases like diabetes and kidney failure among children. The condition is grave in the UAE, where the childhood obesity rate is quite high.

Instead of exploring the root cause of the matter and looking after the treatment methods, people believe it is normal. They believe the myths till the time they have to face the life-threatening conditions head-on. However, some people do consult slimming centers on time and ensure the healthy growth and long life of their children.

This article aims to debunk widely believed myths about childhood obesity, which are far from reality.

Top 5 Myths About Child Obesity You Should Never Believe

Childhood obesity is a more serious issue than adult obesity. It causes a threat to their survival and can make them suffer for their whole life, instead of enjoying it like other children of their age. On the other hand, it can also snatch their chance of living a long life by causing complications.

The following are some of the most common myths about childhood obesity that you should never believe as parents and instantly seek treatment.

1. It is Genetic

The first myth about childhood obesity is that it is genetic. People think that if they are overweight or obese, it is automatically be transferred to their children through genes. By thus justification, they become less worried until their child suffers from other medical issues.

The parental genes do set the weight limit of the children; however, it is not influential enough to cause obesity. So, do not try to blame your genes if your child suffers from obesity.

2. Strict Diet Can Eliminate It

The second widely believed myth about childhood obesity is that a strict diet can eliminate it. People think that if their child is consuming too much junk food, it will boost obesity. Moreover, if they will limit the portions and let the child practice a crash diet, it will help him/her lose weight.

The truth is that crash, or other diets do not resolve obesity. These strategies can never help reach a healthy weight, but add complications. So, never make your child go through these troubles.

3. It Will Outgrow With Age

One of the most widely believed myths about childhood obesity is that it will outgrow with age. People think that it is normal for any child to put on a little weight in the growing years. They think that the onset of puberty and adult life will tone down excessive weight.

The truth is that some children develop obesity in the teen years, which is more linked to pubertal development. So, do not wait for it to vanish on its own but seek proper treatment.

4. More Physical Activity is needed

Another commonly preached myth about childhood obesity is that it develops due to the lack of physical activity and ensuring such activities can resolve the issue. The children of the modern generation are often glued to their online games in their rooms, instead of playing outside.

Outdoor games and physical activities can surely build the stamina of students while making them fitter and more active. However, it should never be confused with proper treatment.

5. It is Helpless

The gravest myth parents believe which risks the lives of their obese children is that it is helpless. By blaming the genes, diet, and physical activity, they think they have done all, and there is no treatment. If you are doing the same to your child, stop it this instant, and seek treatment.

Obesity is not cureless. You can get the services of the slimming center in Dubai, identify the reason for obesity in your child, and get personalized treatment. You can ensure that your child lives a healthy and long life without having to face weight issues until death.

How to identify obesity in children?

If your child is a bit overweight than the children of his/her weight, then you need to get a professional consultation. The medical professionals can prescribe blood sugar tests, cholesterol tests, and hormonal tests to identify if it is really obesity or excessive weight.

If it is obesity or even if it is not, you should consult the slimming experts and get a proper treatment plan for your child. Do not make them suffer because you believe in myths.

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