Motherhood Maternity ClothesGreat Pregnancy Fashion – and at the Right Price!Approaching motherhood? Maternity clothes can make you feel excited about your baby, and more confident too. Gone, thankfully, are the days when women hid their bump beneath voluminous tent-like dresses.Several older moms from our team were discussing the pregnancy dresses they remembered from those bad old days…it seemed almost everyone had a pinafore dress made out of some synthetic, crimplene-like material that very quickly fuzzed into tiny furry balls over the pregnancy bump…eeek!! And maternity shifts that you wouldn’t dare go out in on a windy day in case you took off! So glad those aren’t around any more.These days maternity clothes are designed to boast about your bump, make the most of your healthy skin and rejoice in vibrant colours. Welcome to the age of proud-to-be-pregnant!Reasonably-priced motherhood maternity clothes can look a million dollars and complement your wonderful glow that people are starting to comment on. What to Wear!Here are the PG Team’s latest handpicked specials, all based on our favourites for comfort and style, plus a few ‘must-have’s’.

in our Maternity Clothes Store One of the very best items I ever found was a gorgeous cobalt blue sundress. I felt great when I was wearing it and soon wished I’d bought several in different colours! I did manage to find another though and whenever I went out in one of them, I got warm comments and compliments…wow!So what are the best motherhood maternity clothes that you’ve ever worn? We all have favourites and my friends and I found, when we discussed our motherhood and maternity clothes preferences, there were certain basic items that we all loved and couldn’t stop wearing.The PG Team’s latest hot picks are over in theMaternity Clothes StoreWe’ve also put some of our favourite glad rags onto this site in the form of product reviews, so that you can get the inside story and the hottest looks, at the best prices we can find. Here are a couple of our Fashionista’s top tips for pregnancy style:The wrap-over style, whether as a top over trousers and skirts, or as a dress, is a real winner for most body shapes.

It flatters both your bust and the growing bump, and if you choose soft, flowing fabrics you can be sure of day-long comfort.Trousers are the item you will have to update as the bump grows, but jeans-style maternity trousers are available that make you miss your old jeans less and look great into the bargain.With the lovely patterned maternity tops that are now on sale, you might think about maternity leggings as a comfortable wear for underneath. The return to fashion of Doc Marten and Timberland type boots and shoes is really welcome for many of us, pregnant or not, as these are fabulous footwear for healthy feet and for safe walking in town and country – both top considerations for pregnancy.We’d love to hear about your top tips for maternity clothes, so please write in and let us know what you love to wear and where you buy it from!

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