The very first few days for a mom with the newborn baby can be pretty overwhelming. From not getting enough sleep to feeding your baby from time to time, everything has to be planned accordingly. So, here are some baby care tips for first time moms.

How To Take Care Of Baby

1. Get Help For Nursing The Baby

People who seek help have a higher success rate. There are several nursing support groups, lactation consultants and baby pediatricians to assist you and clear your doubts. It will be even better if you try and get information from nurses and doctors before you leave the hospital with your baby.

2. Feed The Baby

You are often forced to drop everything you do to feed the baby. So all you can do is prepare. Sit down with a glass of water and read a magazine while you feed your baby as it takes more time.

3. Take Turns For Taking Care Of The Baby

Take turns when you sleep at night. Babies can be cranky at night. They need to attend from time to time. Especially when they are sick. To tackle this, take turns while you take care of the baby at night.

4. Don’t Obsess Over Being Tired

You should aim more about how to stay positive and stop being obsessed with your tiredness. Make sure you eat well at least otherwise it is going to be really difficult to keep up with the baby.

5. Play Tunes

To soothe your new burn when he is being murky, play music. Stop doing it because someone told you that makes your baby smarter, it is for calming them down. Babies respond to music well and this can help you sit back for a while. You can even use prams to distract the baby and let them enjoy for a while

6. Warm Things

Warm baby’s things like towels and wipes. This can help the baby keep calm. Sensitive babies like little warm towels and wipes.

7. Let Dad Involve

They love to get involved but are afraid that something will go wrong. Many moms let dads take control and it has helped so much. Tell them to take some days off so that they can spend time with the baby. Similarly, let them spend some alone time with the baby, this helps to tighten the bond between them.

8. Stay Sane

Even if it is exciting to have a baby at home, it can drain you completely after a couple of weeks. So don’t stress over what’s good and what’s not for the baby. After all, you are the parents, you decide what’s best for them.

9. Forget Household Works

Don’t stress much about a clean floor and undone dishes. These household works can be delayed a little. Spend time with your baby. Know the baby’s likes or dislikes about how to sleep and how much light should enter the room. Knowing this will help in the long run.

10. Learn To Say Yes

If someone is offering you help take care of your baby while you shower or clean up the room, don’t hesitate, say yes.

11. Enlist Backup

Get another mom out with you when you go out for shopping and public places. A backup is very important when you have to go out for a while.

12. Reconnect

If you get 5 minutes free, go out on your own and reconnect with people. A change of air can help you a lot to be calm and patient with your daily duties to the baby.

13. Stash A Spare Clothing

No one can tell what will happen when you are going around with your baby and baby feels uncomfortable. So keep a spare adult clothing in your diaper bag for you just in case.

14. When You Are On Your Own

Stick to baby-friendly places when you are out and alone with your baby. These might help you when you are needy.

15. Embrace The Mess

Embrace the chaos and you will be rewarded with your cute little one’s first smile and uncountable happy memories.

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