Times have changed, and modernity has imbibed not just in our thoughts or clothes, but also in our living rooms! And when modernity gets a sparkle of luxury, the results can be as debonair as you can think of! So, if you have the guts to accept the new age change, excitement to hop from subtle to bold, and have the resources to translate your ideas into tangible projects, then we can’t  think of any reason why you can’t go wild and modern in your living room design! 

A plush, modern yet sophisticated living room requires lots of experiments with colours, a dash of contemporary designs and exceptionally luxurious furniture from one of the well known furniture stores in Auckland, Luxe Living! It has a display of classy furniture for every sophisticated taste and style that a modern living room demands!

The mood-board for a living room design that grabs attention by the collar!

A living room can either be designed safe with lots of personalised items of décor, extraordinary and pricey furniture! Or it can be a unique blend of suave colours and textures, accompanied by distinguished furniture, and modish pieces of home décor! While the first can be called subtle and sophisticated, the latter is more exciting and dashing.  Interestingly, both have the power to grab your attention the instant you enter the area, each in their own way! Read below some of these attention-grabbing ideas for your living room that matches today’s taste but also have a futuristic twist!

  • Black and gold A duo that composes a classy concoction that will never go out of the trend, and is very much in talks in modern décor style! Paint the walls a muted gold, furnish it with black, get some expensive yet alluring art pieces that would draw attention to the backdrop too, enjoy a touch of royalty in your own living room.
  • Velvet is elegant Beat us if you can in this statement! Velvet has the charisma to transform even an ordinary space into ultra-luxurious, and be the showstopper of the room. You can run riot with them by putting them on your sofas, chairs and couches, or play safe by welcoming them for your drapes and cushions. Lighten up the heaviness of velvet with the wall colour. Add a dash of glass tables, mirrors and and some daffodils in vases – and witness the magical new look of your living room!
  • Rugs and cushions What’s more luxurious than sitting and walking on soft surfaces? Get those plush rugs, and you may even create a floor seating peppering the carpet with loads of throw pillows.
  • Metallic accents It’s sophisticated, it’s chic and discerning — no doubt! Now you can add glint of metal to any part of your room’s décor. From paint finishes on the wall to furniture to room accents – metal in in trends. You can also select any finish – gold, silver, pewter, copper, chrome, brass – you name it, and you can theme your décor around it.
  • Natural stonesNatural stones bring in the touch of the unexpected to any décor. Mother Nature gifts them colours, patterns and texture – so each stone is unique. And when you put them in your room – be it on the floor, table tops or shelf designs – they impart the same uniqueness to it. From marble to slate to onyx – you shall be spoilt with choices.

These were just some of the ways to play with your home’s décor! Let your imagination run wild and make your design as incredible and sensational as you want. While you are pondering on the main stuff like furniture and paint, remember the final mood shall be created with lighting and accent pieces – like the cherry on the cake! 

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