It is a circumventing task to choose an effective birth control method which suits the body type with numerous modern methods devised by the medical science today. All men and women today want total control over when they want to step into parenthood. Choosing a contraception or birth control method is not an easy task. To begin with, there are always doubts and questions lingering at the back of one’s mind regarding whether the methods will be protective against STDs, the convenience and cost, effectiveness, and also its affect on the health of the user. Before choosing the birth control method, one should be sure about one’s overall health, their comfort level and possible side effects, the frequency and the partners of intercourse, and most importantly whether one wants to get pregnant in the future or not. Below are mentioned the various modern birth control measures.

Different Types Of Birth Control

Different Types Of Birth Control Methods Spermicide Often used with other birth control methods, Spermicide is a chemical in the form of foam, jelly, cream or film to be placed inside the vagina before having an intercourse. Depending upon its reaction on person to person this might have to be placed several minutes before one plan to have sex. Male and Female Condoms Lubricated latex condoms are the most widely used and classic method of birth control. It not only prevents male sperm to enter the female body but also ensures against STDs. The thin plastic pouch shaped female condoms meant to be placed inside the female vagina (the female condom), on the other hand, can be placed up to 8 hours before the intercourse. Though individually effective, both male and female condoms should not be used simultaneously. Diaphragm and Cervical Caps Commonly used with spermicide, diaphragm is a dome shaped rubber placed on the mouth of the cervix thus blocking the entry into the uterus. Cervical Caps are very similar to Diaphragm, just smaller in size. Another alternate to Diaphragm and Cervical Caps is Birth Control Sponge which plays the role of a Spermicide. Though usage is similar in nature, the Sponge does not need to be fitted in by a doctor.

Birth Control Pills

Birth Control Pill Scheduled intake of pills containing the hormones estrogen and progestin inhibits ovulation and reduces the chances of getting pregnant while having an unprotected intercourse. Pills, earlier were used only for emergency contraception but today are used by millions of women as the most common means to avoid unintended pregnancy. Also Read Different Types of Birth Control Methods How To Make Birth Control Methods Most Effective Birth Control Pills And Weight Gain Birth Control Contraceptive Pills- How They Work And Types Health Risks of Birth Control Methods Withdrawal Method Also called the ‘pulling-out’ method where the man pulls out his penis after the intercourse right before ejaculation. Though it doesn’t protect against STDs it is the timing on which this method relies. Another alternate to this method is the rhythm method or natural family planning method; where abstinence is required only on those days of the month when the woman is most fertile. Male and Female Sterilization Vasectomy is the most common surgical procedure used for male sterilization where the tubes that carry the sperms from the testes are permanently closed. Besides the use of condoms, vasectomy is the only option of birth control for men. As for women, there are various surgical methods, both temporary and permanent to ensure sterility for women. Birth control shot, birth control implants, intrauterine device; commonly known as IUD, tubal ligation and implants are the various other methods insuring up to 100% effectiveness in birth control.

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