Are the cabinets in your kitchen only for storing? Let’s tell you – these boxes can change the look and feel of your kitchen. After the layout, an essential factor to consider in your kitchen design is the cabinets that you choose.

So, before you plan your kitchen renovation, let’s share the different types of kitchen cabinets that are available in the market.

There are majorly three types of cabinets – base, wall, and tall units. You can either have one specific type in your kitchen or a combination of different forms to create a unique kind. 

Major Types Of Cabinets To Have In Your Kitchen
  • Base

Base cabinets form a significant part of your kitchen’s floor plan and are part of your everyday work. Base cabinets are mostly 24 inches deep and 36 inches tall, and they are mounted on the floor to support the countertops of your kitchen.  The depth of the base cabinet can vary and go up to 27 inches. For the convenience of use, these mostly rest on top of a 4 inches recessed riser, known as a toe kick. 

Most of the kitchen islands that you see in the modern kitchens are nothing but the base cabinets. More than one base cabinet, and depending on the size of the kitchen island, are collectively installed on the site.

  • Wall cabinets

As can be deciphered from the name, the wall cabinets are the ones that mount to the wall. These are generally 12 inches deep and are also called upper cabinets or “upper.” However, the depth can be increased to 17 inches on custom applications. When it comes to designs, these are one of the most flexible cabinets with three different heights, custom depth options, glass door options, and multiple widths. 

When you have a wall cabinet fixed as the base and tall cabinets running from floor to ceiling, it can create an accent wall in your kitchen that can practically store anything starting from the cookbooks to the appliances. 

These can go up to the ceiling, and you can make use of the high up spaces for storing items that are not used regularly.

  • Tall cabinets

Like the wall cabinets, tall cabinets can also extend up to the ceiling and are also referred to as pantry or utility cabinets. However, these provide much more space than the wall cabinets. Given the same space, the storage space in these types of cabinets can be four cubic feet more than the wall or base cabinets. 

You can store everything starting from the small appliances to canned goods and your broom too. Additionally, you can correctly configure these tall utility cabinets to accommodate a built-in oven or a microwave.

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