A home is planned with mindful perception and lots of thoughts! And a home with children needs double the planning and consideration. You have to be careful of the superior safety factor and ultimate hygiene matters! Anything amiss here is enough to cause dangers for your children later. And flooring is a space that’s always so close to everyone in the house. Your kids play, walk, run, laugh, and even sleep on it. Keeping it hygienic and safe should be your prime concern when building a kid-friendly home.

The Ultimate Advantages of Installing Germ Shield Tiles in Your Home With Children!

Now, if you are thinking about how you can make your home hygienic and safe for your kids by installing some kind of a tile, let us provide you with some information here. There are special germ shield tiles available in the market which undergo a specific and unique anti-microbial treatment which prevents the growth of fungus, bacteria, and other such harmful microbes on them. That’s what makes these germ shield tiles very special and important for your home. Want to know how this is going to benefit you? Read on!

  • Less Germs Less Illness— Let alone the current scenario of pandemic, you know how dangerous the germs can be even in ordinary circumstances. Maintaining extreme hygiene is so crucial. Especially when we know kids are so vulnerable to these germs and can be infected very fast. If you select germ shield tiles for your home, you can stay assured that your child will be safe from this danger as these tiles block all the germs from staying on the surface. Means, your toddler can crawl on it, can play for hours on it and the floor would still be the safest place for frolic.
  • No More Unbearable Odours — Everybody knows that’s germ build up leads to stinky odours. These can be very unbearable and spread like fire in the entire place. Especially if you have air conditioners switched on constantly or the place is shut for a few hours. These germ shield tiles, by preventing the bacteria growth, stop any such odours from spreading — hence even the air in your home stays clean, hygienic, and safe!
  • Better Living Standards— According to you what exactly is quality living? It’s a safe home that looks lavish too, isn’t it? So, when you install germ shield or designer tiles in Melbourne from Ceramic Tiles Imports, you don’t just get tiles that look attractive, but these do provide you a germ free atmosphere in your home which improves your standard of living as well!
  • It’s Skid Resistant and Non-slippery — The germ shield tiles stay non-slippery always. You know with kids in the home, you always need to prevent the slips and falls at all costs!

Germ shield technology is indeed a boon in the tiling industry. Now when you pick up a flooring option for your home, you can be rest assured that this is going to bring you maximum safety too. So, with kids or without them, your home with these tiles is going to be secure and hygienic always!  

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