And now I will confess something I am very much ashamed of: I have never read Jane Eyre.I am now pausing while I can feel your virtual rotten tomatoes smashing into my face. I am sorry. I have never read it. Or at least, not the whole thing. Surely I read enough of it in tenth grade English to get by with a quickie book report. But that’s all.And is it sad of me that I only now want to read it because the new movie looks so good? And I know Rochester is supposed to be on the homely side, but I have to say, he’s the reason I’m so excited to go see the movie. I suppose if I invest a couple of hours into a movie, I want Rochester to be at least ambiguously handsome. I guess I just like eye candy.

I want to squeeze in reading it before I break down and watch the movie.And so, this will be our book club book for June.If you’ve already read it, just be sure to write “SPOILER, WHOLE BOOK” or “SPOILER, CHAPTER 10? or whatever, and you may begin the discussion. You may feel free to bash me for the first few comments for having not read it. I’ll understand.If you want to say good things about the movie, go right ahead, but don’t say anything mean about it yet. I want to go into the theater believing it will be amazing.To start the comments off, I will use a book discussion question I found on the book club page on“Rochester’s disastrous marriage to Bertha was based on passion, while St. John refuses to marry Rosamund because of his passion for her. What is Brontë saying about the role passion should play in marriage? ”For more topics in our discussion, you can find more questions on Masterpiece Theater’s website (though when the refer to “the film,” they’re talking about the adaptation, starring Ruth Wilson).

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