Our children are filled with creative ideas, and their imagination is exploding. As parents, we need to help them expand on these thoughts because before you know it, they’re teenagers who would rather fit in than stand out. 

Creative thinking is the ability to look at problems in unique ways. Kids need to exercise their minds because it makes them feel confident, self-aware, and open-minded. Their brains are still developing and growing, so this is the perfect time to expand their thoughts. 

We’re going to give you our top ideas on what you can do with your children to promote creative thinking. 

Play Strategy Games 

There’s a lot of negative opinions about children spending too much time playing video games. As the parent, you’ll need to limit how much they can play. However, some benefits can come with letting your little one play board games and video games. 

When the game requires the player to solve problems or utilize strategies, it can help your child develop creative thinking skills. To unlock new levels, beat the villains, or win against others, they’ll need to think outside the box. 

If you’re unsure about which games to buy them, a great choice is Dungeons & Dragons, for example. Your little one can create their character and voyage on an imaginary adventure with their friends. You can also get a DnD dice set at the D20 Collective, so your child can pick out their favorite style to enhance their creativity and enjoy playing more. 

Design and Build a Roller Coaster

Allowing your child to create something from their own minds will help them expand their thinking. A fun activity for them is to design, plan, and then build a miniature roller coaster. 


First, show them some photos or videos of amusement parks, if they haven’t been to one. Then give them some paper and a pencil to design. Take them to your local craft store to buy the materials. 

Let them build their roller coaster by themselves. If there are problems with the construction, you can aid, but try to let them try to figure out how to fix it. Your child will challenge their brain and have to think of a unique way to make it work. 

This can be an ongoing project until it’s functioning. You can apply this idea to whatever they’re interested in, not just roller coasters. 

Abstract Art 

Using art is a great way to promote imagination. Similarly to how we can see figures in the clouds, let your little one create things with abstract art. 

You can make a scribble on a piece of paper and ask them to create a scene using the lines. Your little one will be able to see animals, plants, or even people in this simple doodle. 

Another idea is to print out a famous abstract piece and let them turn it into a cohesive image. This can be a fun thing for you to do together. It will get them thinking about how to create something out of nothing. 

Story Telling 

Give your child a prompt that’s open-ended for them to tell a story. Maybe they see a hot air balloon and take off to a new place, or there’s an animal that starts talking to them at the park. The more bizarre the situation is, the more their minds can tap into their imagination. 

Once the story is complete, let them read it to you and make the correct grammatical changes to teach them. One weekend night, play dress up and have your little one-act out their fairy tale. Let them design the clothing, assign the characters, and produce the show. 

The imagination of your child will be turned into a real-life event. This promotes creative thinking by allowing your child to understand that if they believe an idea, they can make it real. It will help your little one’s self-confidence grow. 

The Bottom Line 

Learning shouldn’t stop in school. It should be a constant thing in your children’s life at home too. This doesn’t mean that they have to memorize multiplication facts on the weekend, but it does mean they can use their brain in a fun way. 

Creative thinking is a skill that’ll help them succeed in the future. Exercises you can do with your child are to let them play strategy games, design a roller coaster, create with abstract art, and put on a production from a story they wrote. These activities will keep their imagination alive now and into adulthood. 

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