Organizing a kid’s party can be challenging for any parent out there. You not only have to set the date but also create the invites that are to be sent out. And once you take care of the catering process, you have to ensure that you set up various engaging & fun activities to keep the kids at the party engaged & entertained for long periods.

Hence, if you’re having difficulties thinking about the ideal fun activities to hold at your kid’s party, then the following set of suggestions will help you sort out the same.


Enjoyable Activities To Hold At A Kid’s Party


1. Play Dress-Up Games


According to a reliable service provider offering party supplies in Tauranga, playing dress-up games can help in bringing inner creativity in your kid and his/her friends. For example, you can hold a dress-up competition where kids can dress up as animals, professionals, or any other individual, and the best dress or costume will win the competition.


2. Set Up A Selfie Station


Kids nowadays are fans of social media apps such as Instagram or TikTok, where they love to be captured by the camera using various themed decorations & playful props. Things like oversized photo frames, bright balloons, and statement signs can be some good prop options. You can also opt for adorable animal or unicorn-themed props.


3. Hold A Dancing Competition


There’s no denying that kids love to dance. So, why not allow them to perform what they love doing by holding a dancing competition. Simply throw in some disco lights, a dancing mat, some popular music tracks and you’ll be good to go. 


4. Set Up A Face Painting Station


Not every kid might love painting on his or her face, but for those who do, you can set up a face painting station. Simply use easy-to-apply nail & face stickers, so that the process remains seamless and the stickers can be removed anytime. 


5. Create A Treasure Hunt


Kids love being treasure hunters because hunting treasures like Indiana Jones or Lara Croft can be pretty exciting and entertaining. Try to keep the treasure hunt simple, so that even smaller kids can participate in it. All you have to do is to create a simple treasure map, put some clues onto it and finally hide the treasure to its preferred location/destination. 


For the treasure, you can use chocolates, sweets, soft drink bottles, miniature toys, and the like. Make sure that you use cryptic clues that end up being very stimulating for the minds of the kids.


Lastly, if you require any party supplies for your kids’ party, don’t hesitate to let us know. We’d help you right away. 

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