Children are the most precious gifts of God – they are loveable, innocent, they make our lives meaningful, and surprisingly they can be pleased very easily. You need not spend money on them, but things like spending quality time with them, taking them out for a picnic or playing peek-a-boo with them also brings the most desired smile on their face. 

Parents want to give the best to their kids, and they leave no stones unturned to make their birthdays the best day in their lives. Some go out on family trips, some hire the best birthday planners, and the others arrange a play date – but whatever they do, they try to put in their best planning and execution!

We have shared some of the best Perth kids birthday parties to make your task easier.

Four unbeatable ideas to make your kids’ birthday special
  • Pick a theme

Select a birthday theme in sync with your child’s favorite character, or a fable, or the sports that he enjoyed the most. It is not a very easy task, mainly if the kid is too small or if he loves doing a lot of activities – take the child’s suggestions in that case! She will also feel included, and she might also come with unique ideas which as elders, you might not be able to think of.

But, if you want to keep the theme a surprise, you will have to do some brain racking! For a bit older kids, you can take his friends’ help!

And don’t forget the balloons and streamers  – they are an all-time favorite of all kids.

  • Keep the birthday cake a surprise

Kids love to boast about their birthday cakes. So, while you pay minute attention to the taste, also try to invest some money on getting a unique piece for him. You can get a design that is in sync with the birthday; it will maintain the harmony of the celebration. But, according to recent researches, kids often feel sad if they have to cut a cake with their favorite characters. 

Study your child’s nature, and for a sensitive child, avoid using any face or characters on the cake. Suppose your child loves Peppa Pig, use the colors that are commonly shown in Peppa Pig, or select the theme from any particular episode, and use toys for Peppa, George, and the other characters. 

  • Have a game zone

Kids, in general, are pretty energetic, and they love activities. So, one of the essential factors to be kept in mind when arranging their birthday parties – pack it with games and activities. 

If you have sufficient space in your backyard, shift the celebration there, and keep aside a gaming zone. They will undoubtedly be super happy to exhaust themselves there. Take some help and assign a few people to take care of the gaming area, thus, in turn, the parents can also relax, and they will thank you for this arrangement. 

In case you do not have sufficient space in your backyard, you can speak at the game zones and know if they organize parties. If nothing works out, vacate one of your rooms, and hire a jumping castle and see the fun.

  • Goody bags

It’s your kids’ birthday party, and he will not only be the center of attraction, but he will also be showered with kids. Why not use this opportunity to teach them some good habits too? 

No, you don’t have to take any extra efforts or give him any formal and grave lessons – keep goody bags which he will share with his friends. And reiterate the nursery rhyme, which says sharing is caring.

Kids hardly care what’s in the bag as long as it’s full, colorful, and attractive; they are more than happy to get a gift when they are least expecting it. Do don’t go broke on buying costly T-shirts, or school bags, or other impressive color sets. 

Get some colorful bags, stuff them with a variety of things like cookies, colors, chocolates, etc.

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