There’s nothing more versatile than leather when it comes to apparel, gear and everyday carry products. Leather has got the potential to look extravagant and also offers a massive array of benefits – two of which being its durability & longevity. Apart from that, leather is also comfortable to wear and provides a brilliant distinct style for the wearer.


So, even though you may enjoy wearing or using leather products, the real job is to care for them correctly, so that they can last for a long time without fail. Therefore, to help you out with the same, we are sharing some of the practical tips & tricks on how you can take care of your leather products in an ideal manner – created in collaboration with leather lounge repairs in Sydney


How To Clean Your Leather Made Product?


You must remember that primary leather care is straightforward to carry out. The process is simple as you just need to get access to some water, cleaning rags, some amount of soap (that is non-abrasive) and a soft brush (you can even use a toothbrush for that matter). 

Once you’ve gathered the supplies, you can follow the below-mentioned steps:


Start the procedure by wiping away all the grime & dirt – as much as you can. For that, you need to use a dry towel. The dust should be able to go away smoothly on the first try. But, in case it doesn’t, then you need to use a damp cloth and repeat the process. The added moisture from the cloth will loosen up the dirt and therefore make the cleaning procedure a lot simpler.

Even after carrying out the above process, you do find dust & dirt stuck to your leather product; then this step will involve the use of a soap bar. Try to work up a bit of lather (by mixing the soap with water) and then use the lather to clean the leather surface directly. You’ll quickly see the filth breaking up and then the dirt will start coming off easily.


Once the dirt & grime goes away, it’s time to clean the surface with your trusty damp cloth. If you do need to repeat the earlier step, you can do so as well. But, you should make sure that you don’t soak your leather product into a mixture of water & soap. Avoid getting the leather product too wet because it can give rise to moulds & mildews on the leather surface. 


After completing the cleaning process, layout your leather product to dry up. You should not proceed to apply heat on leather or try to put it out under direct sunlight. Sunlight can harden up the leather, leading to cracks on the surface. It’s suggested that you let the leather dry out on its own. 

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