Yay! It’s finally your turn! You’ll need to be prepared for your new puppy’s arrival. The Dodo has the information you need to help you prepare.

The Dodo consulted two veterinarians: Dr Lesa Staubus, American Humane’s veterinarian, and Dr Shian Simms are, the vice president for veterinary medicine at Bideawee. He shares his tips on best-taking care of your new friend.

How can I take care of my dog?

You want to ensure that your dog loves to be petted. This is true even if you own him! It would be best if you let the dog come to you first. If he does so, let him sniff your hands to make sure he trusts you. The pup might become anxious or mad if he doesn’t.

According to Dr Simms, “Petting a dog on its back is the best way to pet him,” The Dodo reported. “Until you get to know your animal well, avoid touching their mouths, paws, and belly.” After getting to know each other, you can start to look for the dog’s “sweet spot,” which is usually located on his belly or just above his tail. Be gentle with your puppy while you discover which spots he prefers.

Be aware that not all dogs like to have their spots touched. One dog may not enjoy touching his head, while another might not appreciate having his ears or tail touched. Before starting a petting session, make sure to gently stroke the back.

Dr Simms stated that dogs and cats communicate with their bodies, and children should be detectives to decode the animal’s body language. Watch your animal’s body language and ask yourself if it feels tense. Do you get the side-eye from the dog? These are messages from the animal to let you know they need some rest.

How can I play with my dog?

Dr Staubus explained to The Dodo that dogs need to have fun to stimulate their brains and bodies. Toys such as tug-of-war and fetch are great ways to interact with your pet. These games allow pets to have fun and be frisky, which helps them learn the boundaries of play and when to be calmer.

She advised that toys be strong enough to withstand play and that they won’t fall apart into pieces that could cause your dog to choke or swallow them. Dr Staubus said that allowing your dog to have access to toys at all times can increase their ability to use them as a training tool.

This means that if your dog has the same toy every day, it is possible for him to get bored.

How do you walk a dog?

Before you take your dog for the first time, ensure that he is wearing a properly-fitting harness. If you have a large dog, you should bring an adult to ensure your pup doesn’t pull you over if you get distracted.

Bring a bag for pooping! It’s okay to clean up after your dog while he goes about his business. It will be a great favour for your neighbour!

How can I feed my dog?

 Feeding your dog is important not only for their health and nutrition but also to build a good relationship with you,” Dr Staubus stated. There are many options for dog food, which can make it overwhelming. Your veterinarian can help you narrow down the choices. Your dog’s life cycle should include appropriate food for them, whether they are a puppy, an adult, or an older dog. Just like humans, their nutritional needs will change throughout their lives.

Dr Simms said, “It’s best to feed your dog according to the chart on the bag. It’s also important to consult your veterinarian.”

To ensure your dog is healthy and happy, you can have him weighed regularly by his vet.

Dr Staubus said that puppies should be fed multiple times per day to burn their energy quickly. Older dogs need to be fed two or three times per day. It is important to give them lots of food to keep them healthy. However, excessive food can cause problems in their bones, joints, and internal organs.

She said, “You’ll know that you are feeding your pet the right amount of food if they are in a lean, athletic condition with no bones along their backs, but not excessive weight hiding their shape.”

Make sure your dog is fed in peace and with clean bowls. Dogs can become aggressive if they feel their food is being stolen. Keep your dog hydrated at all times.

How can I treat my dog?

Dr Staubus advised dogs to receive dry food by placing a small amount in their closed hands. Do not open your hands if the dog is being polite or trying to grab it from your hand. To ensure your pet doesn’t get nippy or try to grab it from your fingers, this is how you should hand-deliver food.

She said, “It’s great to watch the focus develop on your canine friend as they learn that you are the source and best thing for them.” If your dog is overweight, dry kibble is a good option.

How do I groom a dog?

Dr Simms stated that a proper way to groom a dog’s hair is to use a brush from the head to the tail.

Make sure your dog has a relaxing bath. Dr Staubus said that bathing with dog-safe products and room temperature water would keep your pup clean. Regular brushing can help avoid painful mats and reduce the amount of hair in the house. This helps to keep the family happy.

You’ll also want to be attentive to your dog’s dental health. You can help your dog brush his teeth with dog-safe toothpaste.

How can I stop parasites from my dog?

To keep your dog and yourself safe and healthy, it is important to prevent ticks and fleas. There are many ways to prevent parasites from using your dog’s body as a host.

Dr Simms stated that parasites should be discussed with your veterinarian. “Cats and dogs should be given monthly preventatives against heartworm, fleas, and ticks after 6 months.”

Dr Staubus said, “Fleas, ticks, and their prevention can be achieved with a variety of products that are applied to the skin monthly.” Your veterinarian will also recommend heartworm prevention medications and other treatments for your dog to prevent them from being bitten by pests. Dr Staubus stated, “Your veterinarian will help you decide what is best for your pet to keep them safe.”

Once you have the basics down, it’s time to be the best friend to your dog. Dr Staubus stated that you should do all you can to be the best dog expert in the world. Find out what healthy foods to feed your dog, how to train him and how to spend quality time with him. Then you will have a friend for life.

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