It is essential and important for both parents to spend quality time with their kids. Small children often look up to adults and tend to mimic their behavior, mannerisms and learn to inculcate the same values. In fact, you can say that the time you spend with your kid, is essential to his overall development. And that is exactly the reason why you need to check out these tips on how you can spend quality time with your kids.

  • Play with your kids: One of the best ways to spend some quality time with your kids is to teach them to play sports and even play a few games with them. You may also want to teach them swimming and the more time you spend with your kids, you should be able to form a closer bond with them.
  • Set up a daily ritual: You may want to set up a daily ritual wherein you get to spend some one on one time with your kid. You can teach him some important values and tell him about the difference between right and wrong. You can use this one on one time to inculcate in him some of the basic principles including cleanliness.
  • Play activity: It is essential that your kid gets the required physical activity and one of the best ways to ensure this is to take him to the local playground to play. Just make sure that he understands the fact that you are in charge and tantrums or bad behavior of any sort would not be tolerated and that it would result in an immediate time-out. You can search online for outdoor play equipment, Australia and that should help list out some of the local playgrounds that you can take your kid to, for his play time.
  • Safety: Make sure that the playground you select is well equipped and is age appropriate. You need to physically check to see if the play equipment is safe to use and does not come with rusted edges. More important, you need to make sure that the playground is under adult supervision at all times. Just Google online for outdoor play equipment in Australia and you should be able to check online if the equipment is age appropriate for your kid to use.
  • Storytelling: This is another neat handy way to spend quality time with your kid and at the same time to ensure that he learns essential values and principles. Kids love stories and what better way than to read him a good bedtime story, so as to reinforce the principle and the moral of the story.
  • Positive reaffirmation: It is a good idea to let your kid know how much he means to you and that you happen to love him very much. Such positive reaffirmation is essential for the overall development and should help him build the requisite confidence as well. More importantly, you can use these positive reaffirmation messages to reinforce key values and principles.
  • Diet: It is important that you ensure that you are always there for both breakfast and dinner. And the more time you spend with your kid, the closer the bond would be within the two of you. And it is essential that your kid gets to eat the right amount of food so that he gets essential proteins, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients so that he can continue to remain healthy. If your kid does not get the required minerals and nutrients, then both his physical and mental development is bound to be affected.

These are some of the ways by which you can spend more quality time with your kids. And as you spend more time with them, you should see that they would have modeled their behavior, mannerisms on you, and their role model. This is yet again one of the reasons as to why you need to spend more quality time with your kids.

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