We have all heard about “spending quality time with family” but do we actually do it? Spending time with the people close to us has become a major issue with the introduction of technology especially. The reality is that no one can actually be blamed for lack of time.The actual culprit is the modern-day busy schedule.So, we must understand two things respecting the busy schedule of a stressed member and taking out as much time as you can for your family.No matter how stressed you are or with your routine always dedicate some time to your family members.

The relation with the family members is a mutual one not only in terms of affection but also in terms of need.You need each of your family members as much as they need you.Spending time with your family is not only necessary for bonding but also for your mental gratification. So, our focus should not be just on spending time with our family where we sit together for hours glued to each one’s respective technology and not having sufficient communication.Focus should be on spending “quality time,” it can just be an hour or two throughout the whole day but it should be the best and most awaited time for each family member.

The two most important reasons to spend time with your family
  • Strengthening of bonds: When you spend time together with your family, you strengthen your bond through communication. This especially helps the children, as they develop a feeling of trust towards their parents and feel their importance. Spending time with your family will make each of them feel special in a different way. When you communicate with your children in the bonding time, you share your morals and various skills with them. You can spend time with your family anywhere, be it your house or out of the house. Often it is good to take your family out on breaks or trips to the places they like. The best way to spend time with your family is with bouncing castle hire Auckland.
  • Inculcating values in children: By spending time with your children, you get to know about their thought process. Your children notice you and your actions and you observe them in return. This lays a path for mutual communication, the basic foundation of any relation or family. The more time you spend with your youngsters the more you can teach them about the inherent values. Children have a natural tendency to closely observe and later imitate the habits or actions of the elders, so ensure that you and your spouse should never argue in front of them. Miscommunication or fights between parents can lead to mental stress in youngsters. When with your children, enjoy the time to the fullest and make memories with them. This fun-loving environment will teach them to enjoy life to the fullest and cherish the little things in life. While spending time with your children, you also give them the opportunity to learn values and etiquette from you.
Tips on spending time with your family
  • Say no to technology: When you are with your family completely avoid the usage of your mobile phones. Technology is the major reason for driving family members apart, so don’t let it create a wall between your family members and you.
  • Weekend outing: Go for outings every alternate weekend. Make the weekends so memorable that each member would excitedly wait for it throughout the week. In addition to weekly outings, go out for at least one monthly trip. This gives you a break from work and also an opportunity to spend time with your dear ones.

Having meals together: Eating together is the best way of spending time with your family on a daily basis.It is difficult for many families to have their breakfast together due to the different morning schedules of each member and the modern lifestyle restricts us from having lunch together. So, dinner is our savior.Have dinner with your family—cook with them and eat with them. And the no phone rule still holds true!

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