It’s an exiting situation for you if you’re in charge of a baby shower invitation. The excitement gets doubled when twins are expected. All right, twins! You must be on your toes to figure out the cutest little invites for the baby shower. And you’re working hard on the twin baby shower invitations to make guests say “How sweet! That was so creative!” Here are some guidelines from baby showering experts. It’s not a big deal walking into stores and getting some ‘regular’ baby showering invitations. But are there too many invitation choices for twin baby showering? If you say yes, this means you’re super lucky! You must consider the fact that the couple expects a package twice as fun as a typical shower. So there’s one good way left to you – creating twin baby shower invitations all by yourself! But not to worry, you won’t need poetic genius for this. Luckily, there are other ways around to it.


When Invitations Call For Bigger Celebrations

Sending your guests 2 separate invites to one baby showering party, is a really witty way for inviting people to your twin baby shower! You may label each as, 1 of 2 and 2 of 2. Then mail these invitations simultaneously. Creative? It also makes sense if you buy 2 different invitations. But this works when you’re sure of the babies’ sex. Here, all you do is punch them with key-hole makers and tie together using a shiny ribbon. Go creative with the message. You may say, “LA Baby Shower Party! ‘Tracy’ is having twins!”. More baby shower wording can be found on. If the twins are same sex, consider using identical invitations that are made in a similar way. And this is the time when you should ‘cheat’. Go to stores to get ‘off the rack’ invites as to compose unique baby shower invitations for twins… may be a bit less creative, but this makes things easier, right?

Ring Box Invitations

Here’s your 3rd option. Face it! If you’re after the ideal twin baby shower invitation, you can’t go around using regular paper invitations. This calls for a little investment of time and sweat. But think of the reward here, this is going to be exclusive and fun for the expecting mom and dad. So get yourself a few little boxes – just like the ones we see in wedding stores. Or else you can get a ring box, but it has to be slightly bigger. This box has to be large enough to contain 2 pacifiers. When you’re sure of the gender of the twins, you should go for miniature trees. Tie up those pacifiers together. Use a ribbon for this. Then tie up the 2 mini trees to those pacifiers. Put them into the box on confetti. Today, all regular party stores have confetti that looks similar to baby bottles (or babies possibly). On the box’s inner lid you will put the invitation details like, “Sam and Tracy are having TWO! You’re warmly invited at their Twin Baby Shower!” On virtually all twin baby shower invitations you have to ensure that you’re providing the date, time, venue and the theme (if any). It is good to add RSVP numbers with names of the person taking RSVP.

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