It’s the job market for candidates. There are many jobs available, and nursing agency in auckland are fiercely competing for talent. Nursing is one of the most highly-demanded fields. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, there will be a shortage of nurses through 2030. We will need 1.2million new nurses in the future to meet the demand for patient care. This is according to data.

You are in the perfect storm if you’re a staffing agency that provides nursing talent. You have the potential to be a successful business if you can build relationships with nurses and provide them to healthcare organizations. How do you get staffing contracts? This blog will show you how to identify potential healthcare clients and secure lucrative staffing contracts to grow your business.

How do you find staffing contracts?

You must spend the same amount of time as you do building your nursing talent network and, equally important, building client relationships. This is a constant struggle that you must overcome. You will need to balance the building of talent with building client contracts throughout your entire tenure. How do you create a new client base? These are five ways to build a new client base.

  1. Develop relationships. Find potential candidates. Keep in mind that nurses come from somewhere when you build strong nursing candidate pipelines. Ask the nurse if they have ever used a recruiter to place them in a job. This will allow you to identify healthcare organizations comfortable working with staffing agencies.
  2. Use job boards.
  3. Job boards are a great way to prospect if you are looking for leads. You can cold-call a hospital to inquire if they are interested in working with you if they post jobs on their job boards. There’s an easier way. A recruiting company will usually not alter a job posting from a client. You can copy a portion of the ad from the recruitment firm and search for the same job on the website of a healthcare provider. You can use reverse engineering to get straight to the client.
  4. Refer friends.
  5. Ask your existing clients for a recommendation. You should focus not only on your current clients but also on those who have moved on. Since your last conversation, it is possible to and should contact them regularly to check if they are hiring more efficiently.
  6. Find out about the competition.
  7. Compare your competitors. Are there testimonials from customers on their websites? Do you have any information about their clients?
  8. Build relationships and network.
  9. It is just as important to network for new clients as it is for great candidates. Your candidate connections can be used to connect you with leads. Participate in or attend virtual events. Reach out to your LinkedIn networks. Set up webinars for current, past and future clients at no cost. Use marketing content to build your brand.


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