Painting your home is always an exciting thing – be it doing DIY or hiring someone else to do it for you. It makes your home not only look great but also inviting for the guests. Moreover, it also protects your home from the inevitable dirt, dust, grime and mould. 

But, have you ever thought how long do interior paints last? Well, we are about to find out about it today – with the help of interior painters in Auckland

What Is The Shelf Life Of Interior Paints?

You’d be very much surprised to find out that if paints are stored in a proper manner, then the shelf life can easily be around ten to fifteen years. However, you do need to note some basic things about this timeline. The first thing is that – the shelf life of the paint depends upon the paint type. Moreover, it depends on the quality of the paint as well. 

For example, if you have latex paints or acrylic paints that are water-based and are in unopened condition, then they can last for at least ten years. On the other hand, oil-based or alkali-based paints last for around fifteen years. One of the main reasons behind such behaviour is because they are not getting exposed to much outside air – unlike an opened paint can. 

Besides, the condition of storage for the paints also plays a big role in maintaining the quality of paints over time. If you store your paints inside your garage where they will be exposed to extreme temperatures, even unopened paint cans will be totally damaged over time.

How To Tell If A Paint Has Been Ruined Or Damaged?

The best way to know whether the paint has been ruined is by opening the paint can and then stirring the paint as well. Even though the method might take some moment, so keep the paint stirring until it comes back to its original state. Then you’ll need to dip a paintbrush into it and then proceed to take out a small portion of the same. Try to spread the paint on a piece of paper or even any type of cardboard. If the spread is smooth, then you can be sure that the paint is in good condition. You can then use the paint for your usage. 

However, if you see the paint experiencing any lumps or grains, or even it smells bad – then the best thing would be to throw it out. You should take good care when throwing out the paint. Even if there is any amount of paint left in the can, you can proceed to harden the same using sawdust or cat litter. Once, the paint inside dries up, and you can dispose of it.

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