Summer can be really challenging when it comes to looking good. All the heat, humidity and the scorching sun damage the skin. Here are a few tips that can help you look stunning even during the hot summer days.

Shimmer it up  

Summer is all about wearing comfortable clothes and you are most likely to be exposed to the hot sun. To make your appearance look amazing, give glimmer a try. You can mix your regular moisturizer with an illuminator to add a vivacious sparkle to your look. You should put this mixture only on places that you wish to highlight. For instance, the collarbone shoulders and legs. Take advantage of the sunlight and all eyes will be on you! You can use a good sunscreen for the rest of your body. Make sure that you protect your skin from the harmful UV rays.  

Captivating Blue Eye Makeup  

Caribbean shades are perfect for the summers. Opt for colors like turquoise and blue while choosing your waterproof kajal. Smudge the kajal a little bit to add a smoky eye effect. You would be surprised to see how these beautiful colors look amazing during the summer. It is perfect for those beach-y days where you can simply play with colors.  

Put the Right Lip Gloss  

A sheer lip gloss with the right SPF with make you look smoking hot! Choose the lip gloss very carefully. If you think that the lips are getting dry due to air conditioning then keep applying the lip gloss multiple times. You may also use lip pencils to accentuate the look of your lips. Get those luscious lips by choosing the right product.  

Highlight the Lashes  

If you are someone who doesn’t like to apply a lot of makeup, then go for voluminous eyelashes. Make sure that your mascara is waterproof. It will protect your eyes from all the sweating during the summer. Applying translucent powder under the eyes will protect your eyes from smudge.  

Wavy Hair  

According to expert hairdresser in Sydney, the perfect hairstyle for summers is beachy hair. You can make your curls look even better by using coconut oil or shea butter. Take a curling rod and create that magical wavy hair that is signature hairstyles for summer. In order to ensure that the hairstyle stays, use a good hair spray.  

Rosy Cheeks  

An alluring cream blush along with bronzer creates the perfect rosy cheeks for summer! You can opt for a matte finish product or creamy one based on your preference. A lot depends on your skin type too. Always apply bronzer on areas such as nose, forehead, cheekbones and chin. Blend the blush and bronzer in an upward circular motion rather than the conventional straight back.  

Shiny Hair  

All the heat and chlorine during summer can end up damaging your hair. Add some oil to your hair to make it look glossy and filled with moisture. If you do not like putting a lot of oil heavily then simply sprays it to your hair. Hairdresser Sydney suggests adding some water and hair oil to your spray bottle and sprinkle it on the frizzy hair. Comb through to find manageable and supple hair that also shines. This quick trick will save you a lot of trouble and you can be beach-ready in minutes.  

Invest in a Good Cleanser  

Summer humidity can really make it difficult for you to have a fresh face. Use a high-quality cleanser to keep the skin healthy and glowing. Lastly, use a good perfume to ramp up your charm.  

These simple yet useful tips will help you look stunning and hot during summers.  

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