It’s a great time to prepare for the rainy season, now that the weather is cooling off. Your roof is an important part of those preparations.

You mustn’t delay repairs if your commercial business has a roof problem. You could end up replacing your roof if you put off roof repairs.

Different types of roofing

Many roofing materials can be painted, other than aluminium or metal. Paint can be applied to roof surfaces such as asphalt shingles, tile (glazed or unglazed), slate, wood shakes, composite pieces and concrete.

Aluminium and metal roofs are most often painted, but you can also paint other types of roofing materials. The roof painting in auckland company you choose will be capable of helping you.

Things to Consider

Commercial painters can assess whether your roof’s substrate is suitable for coated or if you should consider other options. It is one of the most important things you should consider.

Types of Roof –This information is essential because it will determine what can and cannot be done. This will determine the type of paint that should be applied to your substrate.

Roof Cleaning – Before any work can be done to the roof, it should be cleaned thoroughly. It can be time-consuming, especially if the commercial structure is under trees or contains a lot of pollutants.

Substrate Condition – Any damage to the surface will need to be evaluated and repaired if possible. A replacement is possible if any surface is too damaged.

Inspection for Connective Hardware –All hardware, including mounting screws, nails and any other type of bonding, must be inspected before any paint can be applied to the substrate. It is time to replace any loose or damaged hardware.

Layers of existing paint – Sometimes, your commercial roof may have had several coatings over the years. This sign that you must remove as many layers as possible before adding new ones. These surfaces may need to be removed if the buildup is too extensive. This is done to ensure that the paint bonds well with the layers.

The Color of Paint If your business already has a particular colour you must use (for branding purposes), you won’t have to think about colour choices. Research on the best colours to reflect heat or light may prove beneficial.

Many businesses wish to have their roofs coated to reduce heat loss. Reflective paint is used when this is the case.

A professional commercial painter will be able to help you in this area. They will know the best choices for your property and specific location.

The colour options available will depend on what type of roof you have. You can find out which colours and brands are available once you have determined the best coating for your roof.

Don’t delay if you’re thinking of or needing to paint your commercial roof. Have it inspected immediately to see the difference a new coat of paint can make?

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