I figured it was time for a Halloween recipe. I wasn’t intending to make one today; I was actually just trying to make something healthy after my workout. Now that I live in Utah Valley again, I can go to Sweaty Chix, the fitness club my friend Wendy runs. Wendy is a fantastic instructor. She is caring and full of energy and accepting. Today she kicked my butt in an hour-and-a-half class, starting with Sculpt & Burn, and ending with Zumba. I had been putting off doing a Zumba class since she told me to come over two years agonot because it didn’t look fun, but mostly because I didn’t want to look like an idiot. If there’s ever a chance I might look uncoordinated, ridiculous, unintelligent, or like a goofball, I generally opt for staying on the sidelines.But I did it anyway, and I did okay.And I had fun.So, if you live near where I live, be sure to check out Sweaty Chix. You won’t be sorry. I’m only sorry I put off going for so long.

Wait . . . now, what were we talking about?

Oh yeah. Halloween.When I made my smoothie, I just tried to use up some of what I had, and that resulted in something green and really thick. When I poured it into a glass, it was clearly something from “You Can’t Do that on Television” or “Double Dare,” so I called it a Green Slime Smoothie. Lucky for us it happens to be October, and we can say it’s for Halloween. And it’s healthy to boot.While we’re on the subject, I also want to mention how much I LOVE my Blendtec blender that was just delivered to me last Friday. I will be posting some more recipes soon—I’m particularly excited about the recipes I’ve been making for cashew butter, homemade nutella, and walnut butter—that I make using the Blendtec, but until then, enjoy the smoothie!

Green slime smoothie

1 cup filtered water
3 cups loosely packed fresh organic spinach
1 ripe banana, peeled
1 large piece (about 1/8) pineapple
1/2 large avocado
1 tablespoon chia seeds
1/2-1 scoop (per label instructions) protein powder (optional, and probably best if you leave it out for kids)
Place all ingredients in a good quality blender and blend until smooth. If you are using a Blendtec, place all ingredients in the jar and press “SMOOTHIE.”

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