Each family has a chair that the patriarch claimed to be theirs. Imagine grandpa lying down with half his head on the side, or dad cheering and screaming as he watches his favourite football team win in HIS chair.

After years of living with us, our furniture is part of the family. Our favourite couches and chairs lose their original beauty after years of use, chip spills, and quality naps.


Your furniture will be affected by years of drinking your morning coffee or juice, or maybe even a slightly melted popsicle in Arizona heat. You can use the usual stain removing products but if the stain is too severe or stubborn to remove, it might be worth having your furniture professionally cleaned.


Some would argue that pets are part of the family and it is impossible to not have them in the upholstery. Our furry friends can shed a lot of hair, which can cause damage to the upholstery and other hard-to reach places. Good habits are essentialĀ to keep your pets from ruining your upholstery.


Your upholstery may be responsible for your allergy symptoms. When the upholstery is disturbed, pollen, dust and pet dander get absorbed and released into the atmosphere. You must deep clean your upholstery to get rid of these contaminants.


Any unpleasant lingering odours should be eliminated from a well-ventilated, clean home. If there is an unpleasant odor in your upholstery, it is likely that your furniture needs to be cleaned.


The appearance of upholstery will fade with regular use and exposure to sunlight. Although it is impossible to reverse the effects of aging on furniture, upholstery cleaning in Auckland can restore its beauty.

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